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The Diary Game- 22 Feb 2021- Bad Day

Hello and Assalamualaikum to all my fellow steemians.I hope you are doing well in your respected lives and in your respected work and I am very glad that you make time for reading my diary post and appreciated it. So let's get started.

So as I was mentioning that my papers are about to begin. So today finally the time had
come. I was having Dsa final paper today. But I was hopeful beacuse I studied each topic. And was hoping to pass the subject and paper will going to be easy. My final meeting was scheduled at 11 pm. Here's the screenshot

So I wake up at about 11 pm. And learnt topics which I left for next day. And read some books.

Then at 1 pm I offered namaz. And after some time almost time had come for the paper.. So I joined the meeting and paper was received. Till the time I was praying that my paper goes well. As I received the paper at a glance I saw that I know nothing. Beacuse the paper was very hard. But I kept my emotions and start looking the paper througly. But paper was very hard I asked my friend did he know anything but reply was in negative
Thought out the paper I asked here and there but nothing had worked in the I did paper by my self hoping that I will gain some marks. But conclusion is that my paper had gone worst here' are some screenshots of the paper



After that my phone was also not responding well so I go the market to repair it. But the man working there in my opinion doesn't know how to do it. Beacuse he has no knowledge about it. He said me to come after 1 hour. So in that time I ate the food and offered the prayer.
But when I came to the market I saw that my whole panel was broken. And my heart was broken. And I don't know what to do. But I had to accept the reality. So I came back home with a broken heart and broken phone too.
So thats all for today hopes you guys liked my story. Remember me in your prayers. See you in the next diary game.
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