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The Dairy Game - 12 June 2021- Mid Terms

Hello steemit users hope you are all doing great in your life. This is me Hashir Alam and welcome to my diary game.

So as the university was opened. First thing that comes in the mind is that physical exam. And to be honest I was still hoping for online exam. But I was worng. After one day our mid term date was accounced. But they did all wrong. They just told us the date of examination. Neither slaybuss nor timetable. Students raised their voices. And thankfully mid term was changed and they were postponed to 1 week later. Here's our timetable


I was in so much tension but I cant sit and just cry something need to be happened. I decided to study. Because I can't give up and will try my level best then It is upto Allah for the results. I decided to study economics first. Because my friend told me that it is easy. But as I studied I didn't understand a word of it. I was watching YouTube videos and pdfs given by our professor.


But I didn't give up and continue to study. And every few things I understood and I watched some series to relax my mind. And then again started studying

That's all for today. Hope you guys liked my story. Remember me in your prayers. See you again in the next diary game Inshallah.

Want to know more about me here's the link of my Introduction post

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