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MY ENTRY IN THE CONTEST ~ Reviews About Steemit Platform

Hello stemit users, hope you are all doing great in your lives. Today I am sharing my journey and reviews about Stemit platform.

So it all began when my friend @bassamjamal told he has been working on a platform and gaining handsome amount of money. The moment I heard that I remember I got very excited and asked him to teach me on that very moment. But he said it is little complicated so I will teach you in the University. I said ok. And that very night I was very excited. And in university he gave me a little demo about it. And after coming home. I did'nt waste the single day and on that very date I created my first post. On 21 September 2021 .Here's the screen shot of it.


And after that I worked on my profile i.e changed D.P cover photo , my info etc. And here's my profile up till now

And it took 3-5 day for me to fully understand the stemit platform. Special thanks to @bassamjamal and @yarhassan without them I could not have been there where I am standing right now.
And the beauty about this platform is that here everyday day you learn something new. Like for me it has been more than a month but still I am learning. It could be anything like an art of presenting something in a productive manner, improving content writing skills and much more

My suggestion for new comers and for one which are thinking about joining this platform is that. Don't just come here thinking about money. But join this platform to learn something to enhance your skills

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