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Hello steemit users hope you are all doing great in your life. This is me Hashir Alam and welcome to my post
A major Thanks to @bright-obias sir for coming out with this awesome challenge

So in this challenge we have post about our social gatherings. So I live in Pakistan and I thing you should all know about Pakistan that Pakistan never sleeps. All night all the restaurants and hotels are open and they are fully packed that's the beauty of our Country. As a boy or a man we couldn't live without friends meetup. Meetup is very nessary. So I am about to share different locations where boys meetup# TeaHotels
In Pakistan we call tea as Chai. And Pakistanis are mad about chai. They couldn't live without chai. Chai is considered as national drink of Pakistan. So me and my friends occasionally make plans to meetup at chai hotel. We usually talk about how life is going, future plans etc. We spent normally 1-2hrs. And it is a very manageable meetup because its budget is low a normal tea can cost upto 30pkr and secondly every person can easily come over. The tea hotels are located everywhere in our country. You can find them in any place and you will never see it empty, because 24hrs there will someone who is enjoying the tea here are some pictures of me and my friends related to tea.



Screenshot_20210314-025214~2.png# BBQakig Bbq and Karahi is also a tradition of Pakistanis and especially karachiites. People gather mostly on roof tops and make bbq all night. It is a wonderful experience. And one can enjoy very much. Here are my pictures related to bbq



Screenshot_20210309-025230.png# Weddingsriages are also a place where people can gather around. It is not specific for Pakistan, but all around the globe it is a source of gathering peoples. Here are some pictures with my friends taken in wedding


That's all for today. Hope you guys liked my story. Remember me in your prayers. See you again. Inshallah.

To @bright-obias , @belenguerra @basha1 @steemcurator01

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