Best Moment of your life

Hello steemit users hope you are all doing great in your life. This is me Hashir Alam and welcome to my post.

So here's my entry for Best Moment Of my life.

As you all know life is a mixture of ups and downs. Life can never same, and I think it is a best thing. If you are sad time will pass and you will be happy again. If you are happy time will never be the same. Surely hardships will in your way. You never know what's coming in your way. And this uncertainty makes the life beautiful.
Same goes for my story. Its about 4-3 years back when I was in matric class. And our 9 class result came. The procedure of the results was that. First the information of Pass and fail come. Then the actual result with marksheet come. 2-3week after the 1st information.
So our 9th result came. And it was uploaded on internet. At that time internet was not available for me 24hours. Only in night when my father come I can use internet. So the result came in the evening. Just before when I go to tution and know that result had come. But I didn't checked obviously because I don't have a internet resource. But I was very confident that I am passed. So I go to tution. Where my batch mates were discussing about the result. I also told them I am passed. And that time I was not lying because I was fully thinking that I am passed. Then after coming from tution. I didn't have a idea that what was coming on my way. My father already checked my result. But didn't say any thing at that time because my grandma's was also in the home. Till now I was still believing that I am passed. But some gesture form my Parents made me think that something is wong. But I ignored that and went outside to meet my friend. After coming home. I finally checked my result.

And couldn't believe what just happened. I was failed in one subject. I remember that very moment. I didn't know how to react. Because I did my papers A+. And couldn't believe even a once that I could fail. And the worst of all the result was not even showing that in which subject I am failed. Now I was thinking that how will a face mt parents and society. Because no one will believe in me. And It was very hard time. I remembered I cried alot. But my parents give me Courage. But inside they know I am failed. And that was very painful thing for me. But my friends know that there must be a problem in the result and I am passed. I was so much sad that my health gone down. And I was nebulized. And didn't have courage to face my teachers and friends. The Marksheet will come after 2-3 weeks and these weeks were like a hell for me.
But as I said after some hardships good time will be surely on your way. Same happened to me. The day when Marksheet was given to student came. My father said to go school. But I resisted as I don't have courage to face the people. So my father him self gone to school to pickup my Marksheet. And I was at home praying to God. As my father came he just joyfully waked me up and said that there was a error in your result and you have scored 85%. I was really really happy and I just shouted out of excitement. First of all I Thanked Allah. Then called my sir to inform him. And just like a magic everything changed. There was a atmosphere of smiles and happiness all round. My final Marksheet came after some days with corrections. And for me that day was the happiest day of my life
That's all for today. Hope you guys liked my story. Remember me in your prayers. See you soon Inshallah.

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the relief you must have got when your actual result was showed to you. Congratulations tho

23.04.2021 19:47


24.04.2021 01:29

Thats very great to hear That you have scored a handsome percentage hope you'll achieve more success in future

23.04.2021 19:50


24.04.2021 01:29

This shocking happiness is far better than the normal good result 😃
It is really a memorable + happy moment.
I enjoyed reading your post ☺️

24.04.2021 17:35


24.04.2021 19:13