ANIME TALK 006: I and My Cousin Watched ONE PIECE Together and We LOL-ed at One Specific Scene

As I have mentioned in my main account, @tegoshei, my younger cousin came over to our place after we visited my late aunt's wake. That night, we drew some One Piece characters and the day after, we watched some One Piece updates together.

There was one scene which we found really funny for various reasons. My cousin is 9 years old, but I am so happy to talk about anime with him. I was pretty surprised when he told me he started watching One Piece and Boku no Hero Academia. I didn't know they're still being shown on one of the TV stations here in the Philippines. In the other station, I sometimes see One Punch Man being broadcasted.

Anyway, going back to that One Piece scene, I saw a video clip on YouTube... so let me show it to you below.


Luffy Engaged in a "Sword Fight"

Well, as you may have scene from the video it wasn't really a sword fight... well, he thought he was. lol Luffy was really childish when he refused to show Zoro the sword. It was funny when my cousin said he seemed to be more mature than Luffy... and I couldn't agree more. lol

Another thing we noticed is that the villains gave them ample time to discuss. I believe they were also entertained by Luffy and Zoro's argument. Well, it's anime... and villains can be so patient for small talks. hahaha

Gomu Gomu no Pistolaaaaaaaaa

ZORO: Don't throw the scabbard!!!
ZORO: That's not a sword technique!

I and my cousin felt sorry for Zoro. It's like a stab in the back to all swordsman... but Luffy is Luffy, and no one can stop him. We just laughed at how weird Luffy looks when he was actually trying to use the sword. There was another scene from the same episode which made Luffy quite a cool "swordsman". It isn't in this clip but a line of swordsmen were about to slash him when destroyed all their swords. Now I wonder how Luffy would be like using other weapons. haha


But despite all these hilarious things, I am truly happy to see these two reunited. I so love their tandem whenever they're kicking some arse. lol As a Fujoshi, I don't ship them, though... I'm a ZoroSan shipper by heart. :)

Anyway, let's end here. Let's talk about anime again soon! じゃあね~!

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Wow, I like the bit about your cousin... A 9 year old One Piece fan. Interesting~

I really love Wano arc in One Piece (I read Manga but I'm thinking of going back to the anime to see some of the fights in action including the one mentioned in this post.)

26.08.2019 12:05

Right? One Piece is even older than he is. hahaha~ He hasn't watched all episodes, though... but I'm amazed how he can comment on the recent arc and the characters. <3

I read the manga version, too... And I love watching, especially the fight scenes, in anime. You should watch it, too.. ^^

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26.08.2019 13:19

Well, watching all episdoes will take at least 220 hours non-stop. Good luck to him~ (Though One Piece is a great emotional rollercoaster so it won't feel long.)

He hasn't watched all episodes, though... but I'm amazed how he can comment on the recent arc and the characters.

26.08.2019 13:41

Right? he has a lot of catching up to do. hahaha xD But yeah, priorities first. :) He has all the time to catch up.. haha

27.08.2019 01:59