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We found you are posting the same content on multiple communities.

Please note that You can make your blog/post in any community or relevant community but one blog/post in only one community.

Please do not post the same content in different communities because the Steemit community doesn't support such activity and sees that as spamming.

Please remove the content from other communities and keep it in a single community.

CC: @sapwood, @cryptokannon, & @steemcurator01

Best regards,
Steemit Nursery Team

08.06.2021 06:46

Oh sorry i did not know i will remove them

08.06.2021 07:08

No problem, we all keep learning and improving.

08.06.2021 07:23

I am unable to delete now

08.06.2021 07:09

You can not delete the post, you have to edit the post and remove all the data and post a data moved or mistake.

08.06.2021 07:24