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Contest winner announcement : Lets Talk About #club5050 | Celebrating 1 month #club5050


Lets Talk About #club5050 is a contest dedicated to celebrating 1 month of success with the hashtag #club5050. Despite reaping the pros and cons of hastaq #club5050, in general this program is acceptable and increases investment awareness for users to start consistently doing power ups. Unexpectedly by the organizers, the Let's Talk About #club5050 contest was attended by 22 participants from various countries. It's nice to know how the program from the steemit team through hastaq #club5050 is able to increase their SP amount significantly.

All the enthusiasm of the participants can be summed up with quality writing. Basically all submitted publications are the best, the rating we give is only to find the 5 best posts as a tribute to the contributions of participants in the Lets Talk About #club5050 contest. We also use all resources to support all participants and thank you for joining #club5050 #club75 and #club100.

The following are the 5 best posts selected by the Steem Entrepreneurs Team
  1. Participant name : @pato84 - booming support
    Link : Celebrating 30days club5050 -The Magic Maker And Wonder Worker:With Unusual Power Up and Extraordinary Booming in my wallet: with 15%payout to @steemkindness By @pato84.
  2. Participant name : @artist1111 - booming support
    Link : Let's Talk About #club5050" Celebrating 30 Days Of Unforgettable Moments With Club5050 covered by @artist1111
  3. Participant name : @abelanar11 - booming support
    Link : Celebrating 30 days #Club5050 - I Joined #Club5050
  4. Participant name : @sailawana - booming support
    Link : CELEBRATING 30 DAYS #club5050 - "My Experience And Journey During Join #club5050" By @sailawana
  5. Participant name : niglys8 - booming support
    Link : Celebrating 30 days #club5050// Buying 30 steem with my local currency to do more power up by niglys8

Congratulations to the winners and our thanks to all participants who have participated in the "Talk About #club5050" Contest.

Contest Notes :
  1. All winners will definitely get booming support.
  2. Entries that are judged are only publications that attach a link in the comments column of the contest announcement.
  3. The jury's decision is irrevocable.
  4. The results of the evaluation will determine the continuation of this contest.

Great thanks to : @ladyofpolicy @fwinanda @longhendra @fikar22 @akmal1 @ratnakumbang @ridwant @bangmimi @abelanar1 @suryanie @pato84 @artist1111 @niglys8 @sailawana88 @airlikem @benson6 @phlexygee @eliany @iddy @steemtopus @adylinah @ubongudofot.

Cc : @pennsif

Have a nice weekend.

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