Any GPU (video graphics card) availability near you?? Need a new purchasing system!

Just a quick rant. I've been watching Best Buy (and it's the same for any other site selling them, really) like a hawk for a couple months and helpful Twitch channel (Folcodrin) that tracks inventory of graphics cards. Can we all agree that this crap is getting ridiculous? Even knowing the drops are coming and being on the site at the exact moment they are available does not guarantee a card. And we all know who's snapping them up and it ain't the average gamer (like me) trying to upgrade their 7 year old card. Don't get me wrong, I love crypto currencies and I appreciate the normal person out there mining with a card or two, but these warehouse industry setups cough CHyyynuh cough along with other trash people using their bots to buy any and every card available need to be handled. Easiest way? Crazy thought: make our lazy asses go back to driving to stores, buying them there, and picking them up there. Or ONLY make them available at stores but we can still buy on line and one per person till manufacturers can catch the hell up. Or a rain check system, again one per person (however they want to verify it) and we have to come in person to pick up. Sucks for us free shipping addicted a$$#0L3s but screw it, I'll drive the 30minutes or an hour to a store (nevermind same amount of time to come back) so that I don't have to sit here, babysitting a damn website or two and STILL end up with nothing.

Anyone else got suggestions on how this could be better handled to help the average buyer get the freaking product sometime this year?

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