Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My @happyme open letter to you!

When I first heard that Steem had been sold, I was hopeful that things would change for the better in our little world here on Steem.

Then I heard that you wanted to convert all our Steem tokens to Tron.

Later, I discovered that you used other people's Steem to replace all the witnesses and basically took control of the Steem blockchain.

At that point, I stopped following what was going on and just kept posting as usual. I figured that anyone who would spend the money to purchase something would not be so stupid as to render the item they bought valueless. I trusted that you would do what was necessary to not only recover your investment, but to make it grow.

My opinion was and always has been that if Steem is to grow in value, we need to make it attractive to more people. That means getting rid of the 2-cent minimum for getting a pay-out (especially now when the value of Steem is so low that even small dolphins can't meet that cut-off with their vote. How much money is actually not being paid out to the majority of people who don't get votes worth more than 2 cents and who is collecting it instead?). Who wants to join Steem if they can't earn anything due to insane rules?

For those who don't want to write articles or have difficulties doing so, there are supposed to be curation rewards! We even altered the rewards so that just 50% goes to the writer and 50% goes to the curators, yet I have never ever seen my curation rewards reach anywhere near 50% of the post reward... it is more like one-quarter. Where is the remainder going? People need to feel like they have a chance at earning something if we are going to attract new blood into our fold. If the established players are the only ones making any money, then why would anyone new want to join? This is the sort of thing I was hoping you would fix.

As I mentioned earlier, I haven't been following what has been going on in the battle for control, but I have been invited to say something and so I'm doing just that. I believe the majority of people who are still here are very passionate about "their" blockchain and want to see it succeed. I think you too would want it to succeed so that it will increase the value of your investment. Can we work together to make that happen?


Tagging: @mariacherries, @darklands, @aussieninja, @justatouchfey, @pbock in case you wish to add your voice too.





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16.03.2020 19:18

Thanks for the mention.

I'll have to see about making one of my own maybe.

I've really got to get back into cryptoblogging other places than just, though it'll probably be through Hive.

As much as the devs freezing the entirety of Sun's newly bought assets might have been rash, Sun's reaction, convincing exchanges to support a hard fork to give it back to him, and his newly implemented Blacklist system for posts, definitely means I don't want to interact with the Steemit front-end anymore.

Hopefully I can get back into the posting rhythm again.

20.03.2020 09:04