Self made udon soup vegan and gluten free, instead of udon noodles I used rice n ...

... oodles. Inused different types of mushrooms like shiitake, enokitake, oyster mushrooms and of course pak Choi . Spices like fresh ginger, cardaom,star anis, pepper, soya, miso paste, lemongrass and coriander made that this soup taste special . Love this soup it is perfect for winter time especially when you have to warm up your body . It’s also perfect for colds . ☃️❄️❤️


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Looks delicious!

03.12.2019 21:38

Delicious tasty soup for real foodies - yumyumyum

04.12.2019 00:21

I approve of this plant-based posts.
Upvote 👍

07.12.2019 05:56