What I Have Learned Lately on Steemit by @happy01

Hello everyone, I believe you all are doing just fine. Its my pleasure to share in this contest to let you know what I have discovered lately in my Steem journey. There are four major things that I discovered lately.

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  1. One is that I need to subscribe to many communities. This about a month that I came into the platform. Initially, I was introduced to one community, so at a time, it started becoming boring. However, I found out lately that I need to subscribe to as many communities as possible to engage in many contest and to relate with other subscribers.


  1. Secondly, I discovered that Steem is a digital currency that I can invest in. When I came into steemit, the price of Steem was high but currently, the price is low, like half of what it was when I joined the platform and it also has the opportunity of going up again. And so, I can make some money from buying Steem when the price is low and sell them when the price rises again.
  2. Thirdly, I discovered that when I make posts, it is possible that not all of them might be voted or curated, of course that could be discouraging, but as far as I continue to make quality posts with original content, I will surely be voted. I only need to be patient and consistent.

Finally, I discovered lately that for me to be more relevant on this platform, I need to build up my steem power. The more steem power I have, the more I will have the opportunity to vote others and add value to them, hence encouraging them.

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Investing in steemit is a pretty and really good idea to make some good earnings. Power up more, be consistent, and invest your time and energy also. Thanks for your discovery.

01.06.2021 11:19

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely apply it.

01.06.2021 19:38

That's a good discovery i always advise members to manage their expectations

01.06.2021 20:37