What Have Learned From Steem Contest Week iv || Key Things Learned by @happy01

Hi everyone, i trust you are all doing fine. I am glad to share in this contest to share my experiences about steemit as well as the cryptocurrency steem.

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First, I discovered that steemit is a social media website and a blockchain based blogging website that rewards its subscribers or users with the cryptocurrency steem for making quality posts or publishing articles of their choice.

How does thus reward come about? When you make a quality good post containing original content, you are being voted or curated and after seven days, it pays out.



One thing i like in steemit is that there are many communities i can join and make different posts. This is very important because being with one community alone can make you become bored. So i can join as many communities as i wish. This enables me to interact with other users in steemit.

Another thing i noted was that i need to be consistent in writing my posts. And i also need to be patient because it is possible that not all my posts will be voted or curated and can be disheartening. So i have to be focused.


Despite the fun i have in steemit, if it does not put something in my pocket, i may also loose interest. So, i discovered that there are three ways i can earn in steemit.

  1. One way is when i make a post with original content and i am being voted, i have the author's reward paying out after seven days.
  2. If i become eligible to vote other people's post, when it pays out, i am also going to receive the curator's reward. However, this is subject to my influence which is dependent on my steem power (SP). This means that i have to grow or build my steem power very high so that what will come back to me will also be very high.
  3. The next way to earn in steemit is to invest in steem. I can buy steem when the price is low and hold it in my wallet. I can actually hold it for a long time or for a short time. Whenever the price rises, i resell and make money from it. Comparing the price of steem now and what it was last year, you will agree with me that steem really has appreciated.


My experience in steemit has been fun. I have been able to make some posts and have continued to improve in my writing skills. For me to grow on this platform, i need to grow my steem power, which means i should not always cash out my author rewards completely. I need to exercise patience and need to be consisted in making post. I will continue to steem on.

I am grateful to @blacks and @abduhawab

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Hi @happy01, thank you for taking part in the contest.

25.05.2021 15:11