Financial update week 27

A bit down..

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Here is the weekly investment update. It's down a bit I don't know if the HF21 is the cause of it well a bit it's down a lot 4%.

I delegated 21.984sp extra this week coming to a total of 595.649. You see a steadily grow of my sp. I invested also a lot in @nextcolony that is 0,2825% weekly times 52 is 14,69% annual that is a 3.97% difference with last week.

I'm Still a bit behind schedule I must earn more so so I must post more and get better results with posting. I will kick in the nightly Fitbit post as extra daily. I know it won't be much but all little things will get big.
I have a lot of ideas in my head it's now to change with the steem community.

Go with the flow and grow.

Alldutch discord for fun and support


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07.07.2019 18:01