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My Diary

March 30, 2021

Today I woke up at seven this morning.I woke up and went to the washroom to clean my hands, face and teeth.Coming back from there I re-entered my room.Then I stood by my side for a while in the morning.Then I went a little out of my room and went home. I wandered around for a, I enjoyed a lot of different views.Then I entered my room again.Then I had breakfast together with all the members of my family.After breakfast I slowly got out of the house.I went for a walk and I talked to a stranger about various things.Then after talking to him completely I slowly entered my house again.



In the noon, I got ready and went to the market in an autorickshaw.I slowly went to the market.After going to the market I entered a food store.One of the dishes eaten there is a variety of sweets.From there I bought some food.I bought 2 kg of sweets.



Then I walked around the market for a while I entered the market in different directions I met a friend of mine in the market.Inside the market I took a few more pictures of different scenes then I was getting ready to come home.Then slowly I entered my house I was preparing for the afternoon prayers in the mosque.I went to the mosque to pray then I slowly left the mosque again.Coming back from the mosque I was preparing for lunch I had lunch with all the members of my family.



In the evening I got to hear the sound from the mosque.Then I went to the mosque to perform Maghrib prayers.I went to the mosque and performed Maghrib prayers.After Maghrib prayers, I came back home.Then I entered the house for myself.



At night I stayed inside my room.Then I wrote a post.Then I was getting ready for dinner I had dinner with all the family members.Then I went to bed to sleep.


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