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Greetings to everyone

My Diary

March 13, 2021

Today is Sunday.I woke up at seven this morning.I woke up and went to the bathroom to clean my hands, face and teeth.Coming back from the bathroom I stayed inside my room.



Then I started thinking.Then I had breakfast with my family members.After breakfast I stayed inside my room for a while.I discussed a variety of topics with my family members about what we would do today.Then I went out and went home and enjoyed different kinds of views.Then slowly I entered my house again. The views outside were very pleasant today.



In the noon, I left for the market.I went to the market and I took pictures of different scenes. When I was going to the market, I was going through the railway station.I took a picture when I saw a train coming.Then I slowly entered the Chaumuhani market.Going inside the market, I was walking on the street.Then from the market I took pictures of a few more place.
In the afternoon, I was staying at home when I was staying at home I saw some of my friends came.I went a long way with friends and went there and sat on one side of the road.After standing on the side of the road, my friends and I rumored various stories.



Then after chatting with my friend there I slowly walked down the street I entered my house again.
When I was at home, I heard the call to prayer of Maghrib.I went to the mosque to perform the Maghrib prayers, realizing that I had performed the Maghrib prayers with all the members.After praying, I slowly entered my house again.



During the night I discussed various issues with all the members of my family.Then I was preparing for dinner.I had dinner with my family members.Then I went to prepare to write a post I wrote a post completely.
Then I went to bed for sleeping.
See you again after finishing here for today.
I am @hanif3206, From Bangladesh

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