Street Machine Summernats.

Street Machine Summernats.

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You may be wondering what is Street Machine Summernats well let me introduce you to the biggest street machine car show in Australia held in the capital state of Australia , Canberra every year , it is proudly supported by Rare Spares and is Australia's biggest horsepower party.

Street Machine Summernats Summernats is a 4 day event being held from 2nd January to 5th January in Canberra, Australia every year it attracts many tourists from all around the world to Canberra, bringing in excess of $20 million in economic benefit to the ACT economy every year.

This event was originally created by renowned rev-head Chic Henry in 1988 and from there on Summernats took on a life of it's own and has become a genuine Aussie icon , every year more then 20,000 of Australia's toughest modified cars and some from around the world turn up at this car festival to show off their love of the street machine to an enthusiastic crowd of over 100,000 people.

The Summernats delivers four days of high octane extreme auto action including Australia’s top street machine judging competition, the world’s biggest and best burnout battle, horsepower heroics, one of Australia’s biggest motor retail trade shows, a showcase in body art and tattooing, two nights of massive concerts, and so much more.

So much more than a motor show, the Street Machine Summernats is a celebration of the street machine lifestyle and the people who live it.

Each year they pick the 10 most wildest Street Machine cars they are judged by there paint work , custom work , engine bay neatness and undercarriage design and neatness. Most of these enthusiastic street machine people will take years to build a car worthy of making the Top 60 and that's with spending loads of money and man hours put into these magnificent machines.

And i can relate to the time , patients , effort and having the pride and joy of cars to be able to accomplish such a masterpiece i myself built a couple in my teens and did get many awards for my efforts and as with my son he is following in the same footsteps , this was his pride and joy that he resort and painted himself to enter in the Summernats Street Machines it didn't make the Top 10 but got many awards for originality and paint work. It's a Holden VL Calias 1988 model and it's worth quite a few dollars , i was very proud of him let me tell you.

From when the GMH Holden and the Ford car manufactures close up shop in Australia these Holden's and Ford cars are fetching some outrageous prices. The Ford GT 351 Sports Sedan like this one below is listed at anywhere between $750,000 to $1,000,000 million Aussie dollars if not more depending on mileage and originality. This Ford GT 351 Phase II or Phase III below would be fetching those prices.

Holden's are also gaining more momentum in value as the factory only closed just over 2 years ago in October 2017 were as Ford factory closed down in year 2013 after building cars for 88 years in Australia. A original low mileage Holden can today bring you $150,000 to $400,000 Aussie dollars. These are the some Holden's that are fetching those prices above.

Most of these models of Holden's ...yes i was a Holden lover as a teenager , many of them passed through my hands and we use to use them even in demolition derby events worth hardly nothing then i wish i had kept a couple of

This Holden VL Calais like my son's one was in the top ranking this year very nicely modified with lots of chrome work in that engine bay a spectacular achievement.

This T-Bucket Ford convertible was my favorite this year very nicely done with with gold plating worth a fortune powered by a 454 Chevy fitted with twin Carbs and Blower massive horsepower.

My Son's new project for 2021 Summernats Street Machines is on the way already , he picked up another low mileage original Holden VL with the 308 ci black motor only a few were made by Holden and only a hand full of these left around it will be worth a good packet.

So as you can appreciate to do a proper show car restoration every nut and bolt comes of the car stripped to bare shell and building the car back up from zero that's a lot of man hours and patients you really need to be keen about loving cars.

Thank you @dswigle for giving us the opportunity to show of our countries markets on #marketfriday it is certainly a very knowledgeable subject to see what our neighboring countries can bring to us.


I hope you all had a great Sunday like me thank you @ace108 for hosting #beautifulsunday and thank you @c0ff33a for hosting #SublimeSunday.
Thank you @travelfeed for providing this opportunity for us to create travel content of interest to the people out there it's the next closest way to imagining of be there in person.

Fackbook link all you need to know about Summernats....


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beautiful post

18.01.2020 14:48

Thank you Sir πŸ‘

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Thank you @pixresteemer πŸ‘

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18.01.2020 15:00

Oh damn..cheers 🍺 🍺

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18.01.2020 15:01

Thank you @steemitworldmap πŸ‘

19.01.2020 14:05

I absolutely LOVE car shows like this! They have them here often and we always go! You got some really fantastic shots!

Oh and ps. Thanks to @dswigle as it was through her resteem that I spotted this.

19.01.2020 04:56

They are definitely work of arts and fun shows to go to thanks for dropping by @jaynie glad you loved it and i will thank @dswigle for you..Cheers 😊

19.01.2020 13:58

MY pleasure :)

22.01.2020 10:31

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Thank you @travelfeed πŸ‘

19.01.2020 13:50

Wow! This brings back memories. I attended SummerNats in the early 1990s with my 1972 V8 Valiant Charger.
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19.01.2020 14:25

Ahhhhh....they were the days i had the 2 dr HQ Monaro GTS in them days great times πŸ‘

19.01.2020 14:49

That was also a great car! I've uploaded a photo of my Charger above.

19.01.2020 15:31

They were also beautiful machines and they stop making them way before Holden stopped production i did like the Hemi Charger E49 R/T 2 DR That was a car...yeah 😊


20.01.2020 12:25

quite a lot of fancy wheels there.
many of them are well kept too.

19.01.2020 14:46

Definitely a lot of pride and work when into these machines πŸ‘

20.01.2020 12:56

The last time I visited a car museum was about 5 years ago! I do love shinnies... and that includes shiny cards! WOW... thanks for the lots and lots of photos you have shared with us today!
Have a beautiful Sunday, my friend @hangin, and take care πŸ₯°πŸŒΊπŸ€™

19.01.2020 20:06

They are fun to see and amazing the work that goes into these beautiful machines glad you enjoyed the show and thanks again for dropping by. Have a great week my friend 😊

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Thank you @lizanomadsoul , @blocktrades and @steemitworldmap much appreciated πŸ‘

20.01.2020 11:27

What an epic #MarketFriday!!! Thank you! You really got us some front row seats so we didn't miss any of the action! I have been to a few of them, but, I can assure you, I have not been exposed to it all in quite this manner. You have overwhelmed me, yet again!

I am not quite sure how you seem to top yourself each week.

The street machines are wild and crazy and then, there are old-timers which are fascinating to watch. It is interesting to see the colors that make them pop (note that Lime Green~!!) and the engines showing off their stuff without covering the engines.

I am not sure I have ever seen anyone on here do a more thoroughly covered meet up like this! You know I am going to have to scroll and scroll to get them all in! Congratulations to your son! Well done and his care is fabulous! Will he keep it or sell to upgrade? Oh, I am not sure I could part with my baby I worked so hard on! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!

Thanks again and as always, I love what you have to offer up and thank you for putting so much time and effort into making a meticulously made post for the challenge!

MarketFriday loves you

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20.01.2020 00:56

I have always love cars as a kid and could talk about them till the cows come home but i will not bore you with all that i have been to many of these Summernats car shows in my time and i have some great videos of burnouts and much more i have only posted a faction of what i have on these car shows but i not going to waste time on any more posting cause there doesn't seem to be much interest out on the platform for this but i thought i would give it a go something different , but i am really happy that you enjoyed it i know you are a big of a rev-head being around all your brothers in the 😊

My Son will hold on to that car it will be worth anything up to half a million dollars in the next few years.

Thank you my friend for always your lovely comments 😊

20.01.2020 11:24

That's awesome for your son! I hope he gets that and more for it. All of my brothers have been videos and one of my brothers raced for a living. LOL I can say that because I don't think I remember him ever doing anything else except the racing cars. As he said it's a great life but it's the only way for him. Thank you for sharing and of course I wish you a most wonderful day!

20.01.2020 14:23

Yep i am very proud of my son achieving what he has and i only wish him the best in what ever he attempts and cars and racing are in his blood and does well at it 😊

21.01.2020 10:41
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Thank you @dswigle much appreciated 😊

20.01.2020 11:13