Escape to a Magnificent Paradise

Yesterday i flew to Phuket which is in the south of Thailand for some business meetings not only was the business meeting a success but while i was in Phuket i had the opportunity to meet up with a good friend of my and his parents who were celebrating there 50th wedding anniversary in Phuket so very convenient.

When my friend told me where they were staying for his parents 50th Anniversary i almost fell over backwards i had to ask him again to make sure i had heard right..did you say the Aquila Villa and i said i have had dreams about this place hoping one day i could stay there for just one night and you have just enhanced my dream :)

You say why i nearly fell over backwards the Aquila is one of the most stunning villa's in Phuket it sits over these majestic cliffs overlooking the Andaman Sea in Kamala, Phuket with absolutely jaw dropping views with a infinity pool that stretches 30 meters across the cliff face with direct ocean views.

The way this villa has been built gives you that perfect blend of elegance and you are surrounded by a beautiful coast line a tropical jungle and un-compromised privacy and sitting by the pool listening to that soft warm wind and the waves crashing on the rock cliffs below was perfect , just what i needed away from that hustle and bustle of the big concrete jungle city.

This was magical i was living the millionaires life for a few days and it felt good. The Villa itself is so impressive , decorated and furnished in a modern Asian style with large entertaining areas. We could relax with a few glasses of wine after soaking up all that sun or a nice game of pool in the games room.

They even have a nice soundproof meeting room while your having your meeting the family and kids could be enjoying the games room or be watching the big 75 inch TV screen.

If you like working out like i do they also have a large gym fully equipped with a punching bag overlooking the Andaman sea as your training away a perfect scenery surrounding you while doing your workout just awesome.

And if you just want to relax in the air condition library room or by the infinity pool just grab one of their many books from there amazing library.

The Aquila Villa is just beyond outstanding i am really not sure how to describe the Aquila with one word, perhaps the best would be "Breathtaking".

It has been just perfect timing for me to be here in Phuket and my friends parents to be celebrating there 50th Wedding Anniversary in this outstanding villa , i am so grateful to have been invited along and share these beautiful moments with them in such luxury and get this they do provide staff and chef at the Aquila they were tremendous and my compliments to the chef who provided endless amazing dishes could not fault him at all. The only downfall was for me that i couldn't stay longer this will inspire me to return again. This was one amazing and unforgettable stay. Thanks so much guys :)

Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.

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Address: Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket

Sleeps: 14 guests (16 max)
Size: 9,600 mยฒ
Built: 2016

Great for Weddings and Events.

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12.09.2019 07:02

Thank you @zomai :)

14.09.2019 03:44

This place looks amazing, especially water-pool!

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12.09.2019 07:06

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12.09.2019 07:06

Thank you @trendotoken :)

14.09.2019 03:48

Thank you @axeman :)

14.09.2019 03:45

Thank you @axeman this place is beyond amazing :)

14.09.2019 03:47

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12.09.2019 07:08

Oh my goodness @hangin!! That is the most fabulous
looking place! The infinity pool and view WOW!!
And rocks! :-) Totally gorgeous paradise!

12.09.2019 07:09

Thank you @shasta this paradise really does leave you speechless :)

14.09.2019 03:49
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12.09.2019 07:12

Truly stunning. :)

12.09.2019 07:57

Definitely stunning my friend it was hard to leave this place.

14.09.2019 03:54

I can imagine!

14.09.2019 08:17

WOW what a place looks so relaxing and luxurious I can see why you dreamed of going there and why you would want to go back

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

12.09.2019 09:04

It is certainly one of the best villas i have ever been to and as a group of good friends it's the perfect place for that will be looking forward in going back in the near future :)

14.09.2019 04:16

the prices of If a group can all chip in I guess it would make it quite reasonable proceed as compared to some luxury places
Even if not reasonable it looks so nice there and we all need to splash out occasionally lOL

14.09.2019 10:08

Oh man, you are sure living the life in that place. Absolutely fantastic photos of it too, @hangin. There is not one thing in this post I would not love, except maybe trying to negotiate the cliff. And the pool!!!! Heaven on earth...

12.09.2019 10:11

You got that right Heaven on got to have some fun in life :)

14.09.2019 04:18

Another jewel in Thailand. I'm surprised Aquila only sleeps 14 people.

12.09.2019 12:42

Thank you @willowwisp a absolute jewel you are right the best i have ever stayed it actually can take more but 14 - 16 people makes it comfortable :)

14.09.2019 04:21

Love infinitive water pool. Great views! Thanks for sharing.

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12.09.2019 12:46

Thank you @cherryng it's a true heaven on earth :)

14.09.2019 04:22

Lucky you! Isnโ€™t it great when dress come true like that? What an amazing infinity Pool! I love that last shot of it! Now you have to plan on a return trip!!

12.09.2019 13:14

Thank you @dmcamera i thoroughly enjoyed my stay at this outstanding villa and am definitely planning on returning :)

14.09.2019 04:25

I know how that goes! I hope you wonโ€™t have to wait too long! ๐Ÿ˜Š

15.09.2019 15:02

Thinking of New Years party with family and friends ๐Ÿ‘

16.09.2019 15:05

That would be fun!

20.09.2019 22:48

Be looking forward to it ๐Ÿ‘

21.09.2019 07:54

Whoa โ€”ย that place is the stuff of travel bucket dreams! Adding this place to my list of places I want to visit (and stay in) before I dieโ€ฆ seriously gorgeous!

I checked out the prices on their site, and holy moly. In the LOW season, it'll cost you nearly 5k USD for a 3 night stay with the minimum number of available bedrooms. For the benefit of this experience, not that bad if you're splitting the cost with family and friendsโ€ฆ then it's only a matter of getting everyone to chalk up the money and days off to go to Thailand at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜‚

12.09.2019 13:46

Definitely one to add to your bucket list you will not be disappointed and yes in a group with friends and family is the way to go it will work out cheaper then a five star hotel and your got all the stunning views :)

Thanks for dropping by @oheyo :)

14.09.2019 04:29

Gorgeous photos of an ahhhmazing place! That's so great that you got that surprise opportunity to visitโ€”ย awesome friend you've got there. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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pretty pictures 2.png
12.09.2019 13:53

Thank you @prettypictures definitely a heaven on earth and great friends been at the right place at the right time was truly amazing and thanks for your support much appericated :)

14.09.2019 04:32

This place looks awesome @hangin!! I can just imagine how you must've felt and how everything came together so beautifully that you got to go! I'm so happy that it worked out so well and thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!! ๐Ÿ’–

12.09.2019 16:54

Thank you @deerjay was truly awesome and is definitely one unforgettable and memorable place that will stay with me :)

14.09.2019 04:35

You are welcome @hangin! ๐Ÿ™‚

18.09.2019 22:54

Wow! You lucky person! What a treat!
Beautiful setting of a dream comes true! So much space for a party of twenty people! Easily!
That swimming pool is a real luxury!

12.09.2019 18:16

Thank you my friend Thailand has certainly got some amazing places and this was beyond amazing enjoyed every second i was their :)

14.09.2019 04:37

I am absolutely speechless Angelo, but one thing I have to say! Dreams do come true! And yes, one word to describe! Breathtaking!!!

12.09.2019 18:29

You have that right i was speechless from the moment i walked in there and i am still thinking i am in dream land absolutely out of this world :)

14.09.2019 04:39

I would be too! Thank God for cameras! You can capture it forever ๐Ÿ˜Š

14.09.2019 23:06

The wonders of technology ๐Ÿ‘

15.09.2019 14:06

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12.09.2019 19:01

Thank you @travelfeed for your continuous support much appreciated :)

14.09.2019 04:40

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12.09.2019 19:44

Thank you for your support @c-squared ๐Ÿ‘

14.09.2019 05:34

This place and the villa are absolutely outstanding, breathtaking and jaw-dropping! A perfect combination of natural beauty, elegance and style! A perfect getaway! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ You were truly lucky! :)

13.09.2019 08:21

Thank you my friend you summed that up well all of that it was and more a true Heaven on Earth :)

14.09.2019 04:43

sehr schรถne Bilder und auch super beschrieben
Phuket-Thailand ist ein schรถnes Land
schรถn grรผรŸe aus dem Deutschland
//1,2,3, gute Laune //

13.09.2019 08:30

Thank you @ohthom72 a true paradise indeed :)

14.09.2019 04:44

Very beautiful indeed.

Ho visito il tuo nome! Sei italiano?

13.09.2019 15:51

Thank you @kus-knee one truly amazing place :)

14.09.2019 04:45

Si vengo dall Italia da una piccola citta fuori da Napoli ....but i left Italy at the age of 4 years old to go to Australia but now living in Thailand the land of smiles :)

14.09.2019 04:54

Si vengo dall Italia da una piccola citta fuori da Napoli ....but i left Italy at the age of 4 years old to go to Australia but now living in Thailand the land of smiles :)

14.09.2019 05:51

Che vita interessante!

14.09.2019 12:29

Thank you i do have i must say :)

18.09.2019 05:39

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13.09.2019 16:33

Thank you @choogirl and @steemitworldmap for your support :)

14.09.2019 05:12

Now that's a nice place! Absolute love the photos you took there as well. Crispy sharp! Outstanding work man!

13.09.2019 16:40

Thank you my friend truly a paradise one place you need to experience once in your life time and thank you for your kind words :)

14.09.2019 04:58

I can imagine! Some of the photos look like straight out of a magazine! Great job :))

15.09.2019 08:49

Thank you @worldcapture ๐Ÿ‘

15.09.2019 14:02

Pure luxury! Wow! I want that pool. Oh, and the chef, too!

15.09.2019 03:28

It can be down with a group of close friends it affordable and you can have this experience and enjoy that pool ๐ŸŒ

15.09.2019 13:57

Nice! Maybe in my next life.

15.09.2019 20:24


16.09.2019 14:16

Holy smokes! Fabulous! unreal. What is that place, a hotel?

18.09.2019 04:52

Out of this world...yeah sir janton puts Texas ashame...hehe...this is a Villa like been in your own house something you can only dream about sir janton :)

18.09.2019 05:42

What is a villa? Is that like a condo? I thought that place was a hotel.

18.09.2019 14:54

A villa is like a big house all to yourself that allows you a certain amount of friends or family to stay in there with you :)

19.09.2019 07:33

Ok but you have to pay or rent the place and it looks very expensive!

19.09.2019 16:52

Yep of cause you have to pay by the night like a hotel but if you go in a group of friends or family it can work out cheaper then a hotel and more privacy like your own house ๐Ÿ‘

21.09.2019 09:12

Well then lets do that more often! lol.

21.09.2019 17:48

I certainly will be sir janton maybe next time you can join us :)

23.09.2019 05:57

Hey you guys should get together and rent that yacht I posted about a couple days ago. That would make for a fabulous post!

23.09.2019 14:45

I have to go and check it out sir janton :)

23.09.2019 15:22

It's a dream come true if you like the ocean and it's in your price range! lol.

23.09.2019 18:13

That is one hell of a boat but really i can only dream about that :)

24.09.2019 04:26

At this point yes, but I bet alot of us will be at the point that we could rent one in a few years, hopefully!

24.09.2019 15:56

We will be waiting awhile for Steem so i am lucky i have some wealthy friends here and don't have to rely on ๐Ÿ˜œ

28.09.2019 05:22

I like wealthy friends, it's nice to have wealthy friends who are generous!

28.09.2019 14:56

I like wealthy friends,
It's nice to have wealthy friends
Who are generous!

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

28.09.2019 14:56

Yes wealthy friends that are generous you hit the nail on the ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŒž

01.10.2019 10:01

get them to join steemit, they could be whales! Good ones, not mean, greedy ones. Ones that could help the little guys.

01.10.2019 17:37

Well actually a couple of them are on Steemit but one left as he had a big, big win on Bitcoin and my other friend is still active but very seldomly @bkkshadow he is the one that actually got me started on Steemit ๐Ÿ‘

02.10.2019 04:54

Oh I recognize that username. I guess you didn't invest in Bitcoin when it was cheap or you wouldn't be here now!

02.10.2019 15:38

Na i did a little bit but i just love been here to keep you in order sir janton ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿคฃ ๐Ÿ‘

03.10.2019 04:05

lol! oh ok, well that might be needed at times!

03.10.2019 15:18

Haha..your the man sir janton ๐Ÿ˜œ

04.10.2019 07:56