Mother Gives Birth to a Baby Girl in Careem

 Mother Gives Birth to a Baby Girl in Careem. There are a few things that remain forever with you. One of those warm-hearted stories is this baby who was born inside a Careem car and will have free rides throughout her life!Captain Iqbal Khan was on his regular duty routine on September 22, 2019, when he received a reservation from a mother-to-be, completing his rides target. She turned to the service of ride-hailing because there was no ambulance in her town.

Her husband and mother-in-law accompanied the woman. The captain had to pick them from the Korangi of Karachi and drop them in Saddar, but during the trip, she went to work and baby Fareeha was welcomed into the world.The captain took the new parents to Sobraj Maternity Hospital, Saddar after birth, where all medical formalities were fulfilled and health checks were carried out. At the said drop-off place, where both baby and mother were declared safe and healthy, he safely dropped them off. 

 On the way to the hospital on September 22nd, a woman gave birth in a Careem trip and we’re just finding out about it right now. She gets free rides for life for this “Careem baby“.

Unless for Careem captain Iqbal Khan, this miracle could not have been possible. In all this pandemonium, he was the only one with his head straight and brought the parents and newborn babies to a hospital to make sure everyone was safe. The incident occurred in Karachi. News report on Mother Gives Birth to a Baby Girl in Careem. 

Source: APN

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