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I woke up early this morning and he ready to go to the mosque. Then he performed ablution in the mosque.Then he prayed.
Pray to Allah Almighty. I had good day today. Then I came back And left for home. When i got home, I recited the Quran. then Ami jan prepared the breakfast. I had breakfast. I had egg pratha for breakfast. I ate with great pleasure.
Then I went out The shops were open outside. Everyone busy with their work. It was great was great weather outside. Today was friday And my heart was very happy. Then i came back home. suddenly i call from my friend. That too at about nine o'clock. I was very happy. He called me after a long time.
He asked me how I was doing. Then I also asked about his condition And we discovered each other's nature. "Today we went shopping for Eid"he said For 100 days I have my advantages and you are like how long I have reached. If you like the good picture, you tell me and how the picture looks like. If you like it, I told you that you I like the first picture. If you like it, please comment. I know when you message.
He came to pic with own his new bick. I insisted and let him come to my house and took care of him. I took him straight to my, stadium and showed him all the books there and he enjoyed feeding me all. Then I took it and got on his bike.we had a lot of fun along the way.
The three of us friends sat outside and did not stay in the new era, what they ate. We drank juice And then they will leave. We are very hungry

So this was my busy day all day. If you all like us till today, then all of you said that my Eid shopping will be very good for you even today. If nothing happens, you can comment to me. If you don't answer, I know, my heart aches. May I give you health and well-being.

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Sir, you have prepared a very good post in which you have bought clothes for Eid because it is grainy and half of Ramadan has passed and every person who wants to join the joys of Eid has new clothes, shoes, etc. And goes to the markets to buy the goods of his life and buys there and you have done the shopping too

28.04.2021 17:16

good activity, now people are busy thinking about clothes for Eid.

28.04.2021 18:13

Hi friends, how are you? You will be fine. I saw your post. It was very beautiful. I liked your way of posting very much. I hope you will keep posting like this and keep telling us how to work like this.

29.04.2021 01:49

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01.05.2021 18:52

Ok And Thanks a lot for Guide me

01.05.2021 19:59