MYID Coins ( OkGlobal Coin Switch ) = Eliminates the risk of losing or stealing Coins


2019 is the year where many cypto scams occur. Since cryptocurrency became popular, people have started joining various ICOs or crypto exchanges to make a profit through crypto trading. However there are many scams that cause many users to lose more than they invested

Cryptocurrency is very volatile, and many of the trading platforms available today aren't quite as well established. Many exchanges don't provide any insurance, so you could lose all your money.

MYID Coin is a project to create the world's first "tagging / wrapping" technology to eliminate the risk of loss or theft. #MyIdentityCoin is part of "The Money Project" which is used to code OkGlobal Coins with each owner identifying information.

MYID coin is currently an ethereum erc20 token but will migrate to its own unique block due to ethereum functionality limits. We chose ethereum to launch MYID Coin ICO to ensure compatibility with trading platforms and ease of access for the general public to participate in the ICO offering.

MYID coin, after migrating to its own unique blockchain, will operate in an algorithmic mesh with OkGlobal Coin and can be used for other blockchain assets.

40% is reserved for the team and participants of the "The Money Project" campaign. The remaining 60% will be offered for sale to the public. Proceeds from the ICO and future sales will be used to create and secure / maintain the technology and platform for MYID Coin.

Liquidity is immediately available on UNISWAP. There is no lock-in period. We will register MYID coins once the ICO campaign ends with ethereum's 50,000 max limit or runs out of 60 days ICO duration.

MYID Coin is 100% utility coin. Therefore, no appointments are made to MYID Coin holders. Investors in MYID Coin should understand that investments made into utility coins are not guaranteed and investors run the risk of losing all their investments. Utility coins are inherently high risk investments and therefore all investors should consider their risks when investing and do their own research before making any investment.

The least growing base price guarantee (minimum return) from being reinvested will return from the administration / installment / accounts / speculation stages in case of any organizational event / coin collapse.

Increase and facilitate the movement of money and reduce exchange fees to nonessential amounts that benefit all or all participants. 3: Maintaining or increasing purchases affects your seemingly endless amount of time by outperforming or at least remaining aware of expansion.


OKGlobal Coin SWITCH

OKGlobal Coin SWITCH aims to be the future of global payments and individual currencies

management. Cryptocoin is linked to an instant payment and community service platform with the unique nature of intrinsic coin value enhancement based on reinvesting profits from payment processing, insurance financing, currency exchange and other investment holdings / valuations into the coin ledger.

In order to navigate uncertain securities regulations and ensure full compliance, OKGlobal Coin, SWITCH, and #MyIdentityCoin must continue to adapt to be structured in any way necessary with changing technology and needs, separate cooperative entities with services offered to participating community members who agreed to use SWITCH as a payment platform and service with OkGlobal Coins in lieu of traditional fiat currency.

Creation of Coins that will have instant conversion to fiat of the trader's choice or be deposited in an OKGlobal cryptocoin account.
An exchange was created to convert different coins into fiat and vice versa. Different coins can be used but with a higher conversion fee.
All ownership of the OKGlobal community participants must be in fiat or OKGlobal coins. OKGlobal Community service center will be accessible for participant services.

OKGlobal Coin & SWITCH Solusi
OKGlobal has no per transaction fee and only 0.1% fee. 1 / 10th to 1/30 of the current percentage rate of ZERO per transaction fee could potentially save US consumers and businesses alone billions per year in fees.
Funds are instantly available in OKGlobal coins or local fiat to merchant accounts.
OKGlobal has no equipment, no minimum monthly fees. Payments will be processed immediately via the customer's free telephone application via the SWITCH platform.

OKGlobal Coin & SWITCH is a transition and / or addition to the traditional currency of management agencies into a new global economy moving forward with the benefits of blockchain technology being released.

Reducing or in some cases eliminating fees and charges
Instant conversion to fiat currency is available to prevent possible loss of value due to market volatility.
Instant payment reconciliation
No more currency devaluations
Has intrinsically increased value supported by investment, returns, and valuations
Simple, unencumbered use of purchases globally.
Participants have direct day-to-day control over fund management and the company.
Funds and companies are not managed in their entirety by or on behalf of the client.
Participant contributions are kept separate, and profits / income are not collected but allocated to participants depending on how participants allocate the use of funds. Funds can be deposited in cash / fiat in their account without activity.

Security & Utility Tokens:
There are more and more people every day getting into the Blockchain industry. Even though cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, this raises the number of questions being asked about how Cryptocurrency can be used as an investment and how it will benefit you to understand more about cryptocurrency.

There are mainly 2 types of tokens that you will probably see on the market; Security token & utility token. You may have an idea of ​​how complex this is turning out, in this article, we will break this topic down into pieces.

So What Are Utility Tokens?
Utility tokens are digital tokens issued to fund development for future access to products and services offered by companies.

Similar to a video game store, they may receive orders for video games that may be released months later. Start-up companies can create utility tokens for the services or products they develop. From a different point of view, you can also think of it as a Crowdfunding platform (GoFundMe, Kickstarter & Indigogo - These are some of the top ones) where utility token buyers have paid issuers token money NOW so the company can develop products / services that token buyers can later redeem. .

What is a Security Token?
A security token is a digital asset that represents an external company's stock and can be traded. Therefore, they are subject to federal laws governing these securities.

To give you an idea, let's build an example. If a company wants to distribute shares to investors, this Security token can be designed to have all of the same benefits - in particular, voting rights and dividends.

Token Sale
STO starts on the twentieth of September 2019. 100% reward during the Phase 1 Securities Token Offer. 1 TokgSg token = 0.004 cents during STO Phase 1 with a 1: 1 bonus. Only USDC Coin will be recognized for the deal. No bitcoin or ethereum. Only USD coins as they are stable and each coin is sponsored by US Dollars.

All members must pass KYC / AML screening and use only their Ethereum MetaMask or MyEtherWallet (MEW) address. STO Stage 2 offers are ordered for 1st Quarter 2020. There will be no additional tokens during that point and therefore the fee will be 0.004 - 0.008 cents per coin at that point. US residents are not allowed to take part in #OKGlobal but they will submit and be interested in #OKGlobal . Singapore residents are not permitted to obligate interest in #OKGlobal but they will post and take part on All different residents can participate in both contributions. they are equal.

Detail Token
MYID ERC20 Contract Address: 0xbee571a0a8599ada125e1a33e56287c3c594a5e2
Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH = 25 billion MYID coins
Total Volume: 100 billion (ERC20) MY IDENTITY Coins
Launch Date: 27 December 2020 9 AM Singapore Time
ICO duration: 60 days


INITIAL EXCHANGE OFFERINGS for MY IDENTITY Coins will now be available on Uniswap, Indoex, Chainx, Vindax and TOKPIE and you can always buy directly from our ICO at

1ETH = 500,000 MYID Coins only during ICO and IEO. Both launching and ending February 25th 2021.


Onboarding/public awareness execution

Soft Opening with Market Testing

SGD 5 million Cap at USD .004/ coin

2 million reserved for investors 3 million for public. (40/60 split)

Official Launch of Both USA and Singapore Centers

Mexico Border Location Exemption for limited offerings not exceeding $5 million — Rule 504 of Regulation D

Prepare new locations Korea/Japan/Indonesia/Germany/New York and others to follow


USD .008/ coin offering on exchange with pre-screened members in 6 to 8 months after first location Singapore Launched.

All early adopters can double profit.

Open exchange for speculation and sell coins at all locations at speculation price.


Launch World’s First OKGlobal Financing Services.

Offer full line of traditional international banking services to our members by 4th quarter 2021.(Checking accounts, bill pay, debit cards, payments via phone app, etc.,)


OKGlobal Coin’s own unique blockchain with payment/money management services and lifestyle/social networking app released.


For more information, visit below:

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