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7pranayama is one of the best app you can use to learn Yoga, you can use this app to to ultimate health and peace in your life.

It will keep you away from anxiety, stress and worries.




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07.12.2019 15:18

Good app for indidual regular practice. Idea is good and actully essential for regular pranayama practice

08.12.2019 10:08

Regarding yoga, ecept the time difference there is no other setting. Like pranayama, there should be timing for different steps of yogasana and also number of sets like number of rounds in pranayama

08.12.2019 10:11

Good and unique part is it provides audio guidance for inhale, hold and exhale. Apart from it provides flexibility in selecting number of rounds and contains all basic information like how to do and what are the pros and cons for each pranayama.

08.12.2019 10:13


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08.12.2019 15:22