The Diary Game - 6/9/2020 - Mini SteemitMeetup and Barbeque

First of all, Greetings, hello and Assalamualaikum to everyone out there from Pakistan, Nigeria and all other parts of the World.

I am sorry for posting this Late but i was having a Barbeque party last night which didn't allow me to make the diary game post :p

I was there with my steemit partners as well as other mates whom we invited to join steemit.

They are @shahab1998 @hassanabid and @moohsin

Unfortunately, i couldn't get Mohsin in any single pic lol :p

Let's begin the diary game post❤

I woke up at 12:00 pm regulation time!

It has become such a bad habbit of mine to wake up late, i will surely be working a bit more harder on it to wake up early as my family is also not liking it very much!

I had a lovely breakfast :p


After The Breakfast!

Ut was surely party time, as i had invited my friends and also steemit friends to my home for a mini bbq party, i had to make a lot of preparations before there arrival :p

So before going out to buy some stuff, i clicked a snapchat filtered picture of mine which is as under :p


Then i bought some chicken leg pieces for the barbeque :p


There was a lot of other stuff that i brought but due to the hurry, i couldn't take pictures of that :p

Then i started saying welcome to all of my friends, picked them up from the entrance of my society, and brought them to my home❤❤

We were all so happy after the meetup at my home❤❤

This is what we cooked ourselves last night❤❤

It was very tasty😍❤


After the Party 😍

After we finished eating and having good conversations with each other, we took some rest, prayed namaz together and thanked Allah❤

Later we went to the park and enjoyed beautiful weather❤


That's how i ended my day❤❤
Hope you all would like it :)

Here i would end my diary game post for 6th september 2020❤❤


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I would like to thank @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for supporting us and helping us grow together :)

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@haidermehdi , Excellent 💓💓💓, we need this type of meetups fro steemit promotion in pakistan , and nd next week i want te see biger meetup h all friends and hopefully you ou will also invite mn it it 😊😊

07.09.2020 08:59

Yes sure @rashid001 we will soon plan a major meetup for the steemit promotion 💓

07.09.2020 09:41

nice to see you. you have spent your day well. Keep doing this kind of meetup.

07.09.2020 11:15

Thankyou and yes we will :)

07.09.2020 15:52

Thankyou and yes we will :)

07.09.2020 15:52

Thanks for inviting me bro and it looks like you had a wonderful day :)

07.09.2020 15:36

Yes it was a great day my friend :)

07.09.2020 15:52

A great day, the tasty tasty breakfast. I don't like chicken very much, but it was looking good too. Yes, I had read Hassan abid post of that meetup, and he didn't shared any photo, just because anyone from you can do publish.

onepercent #pakistan

07.09.2020 17:19

Hahaha yes @hassanabid mentioned this in his diary :)
That is why i posted them :)

08.09.2020 10:11

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The Steemit Team

07.09.2020 23:22

Wow you really enjoyed your day @haidermehdi. I really liked those food above; its nice setting my eyes on them. Thanks for dropping

08.09.2020 16:46

Ever grateful to you :)
Thankyou for coming as ever :))

08.09.2020 18:18

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11.09.2020 18:22