The Diary Game - 10-9-2020 - A Day full of experiments :p [ 100% POWERED UP]

Hello Assalamualaikum and a very good Day to everyone out there from different parts of the world.

I have been missing to say hello to the diary in which i have been writing regularly and always forget to pay my regards to the Diary :p

Back with another interesting Diary Game and this day today, It was really full of Experiments

So without any further delay,
Lets begin with today's diary game post ❤️❤️


Last night when i slept, i put my phone right by my side and had set 5 alarms with gap of 5 minutes only :p


This was the first experiment of the day

I did this because today i wanted to wake up Early in the morning to go to running.

Went To Running at 8:30 am

When i was leaving from home, i kept it in my mind that i will make some clicks of flowers and the ground but halfway to the ground it came in my mind that i have left my cell phone at home. So i could not capture any image :(

It was a good experiment and i completed non stop walk for 1 km and and then i ran for 2 kilometres further.

This gave me a very good start to my day and i was energetic throughout the day ❤️❤️


After coming home from ground, i took shower as i was quite sweaty and could not even breathe after that run hahaha :p
Then after getting fresh, i had a healthy breakfast as always prepared by my mother :p

Afternoon Activities

When we were all sitting together, getting bored and had no activities to do, i again thought of doing an experiment :p

I read @hassanabid 's post and then i tried to help my mother somehow and prepare some food for the family :)

So i went to the mart, brought some stuff and started preparing Macroni :p

I did this experiment well and made this yummy looking macroni ❤️❤️


Picture of the macroni that i made

All the experiments were going so well so i decided to finally take another challenge and started making my contest post :p

The Contest post

Initially i had a lot of ideas in my mind, but then i picked the best and the most attractive idea from them and decided to keep that as the basis of the contest.

This idea in my mind, told me that i will attract the new comers, i will gather the old users, i will bring those who are there in the technology and also i will bring fun creators and all others who are posting on steemit.

So i made this idea as final and created the contest❤️❤️


This is the one that most of you don't know about :p

I used to play as a striker till now but today as we had set the full field and the field was way too long to play football, i made an experiment of playing as a midfielder and this, this really caused me trouble :p

I couldn't run back n forth but i did great in the most part of the game.
I failed because we conceeded a goal due to my error :p


An image of our football ground

Night Story

On the way back to home, my father picked me and my brother up and we went to try a newly opened restaurant in our society :p

It was another experiment of the day and we really enjoyed the food there :p


A picture of promotion of a restaurant

Writing today's Diary

Now after getting done with everything, i sat to write my today's diary game.
I am now done with all my activities :)

And here i end my diary game post :)

I have also designed a new picture or the SteemPakistan community :)


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Comments 14

Yes, we get trouble when we do things aside from our daily basis. But we have natural power to learn that thing faster, in which we are getting interest. Nice photo you created, awesome.♥️#onepercent #pakistan

10.09.2020 18:10

Haha you also managed to create a good one my brother @abdt :)

10.09.2020 19:19

You really had a great day @haidermehdi. So you can cook this well? That macaroni look very delicious. Is good to help out in the kitchen. That contest is really a wonderful idea from you. I will try my best to participate. Sorry about the goals your team conceded. Next time I believe that such error will not repeat itself. Meanwhile, thanks for trying out new position. Thank you for sharing your diary for today

steemitconnection #steemalive #onepercent #nigeria

10.09.2020 18:36

Thankyou so much for your presence here everytime :)
I wish you all the good luck :)
Have a great day :)

10.09.2020 19:15

I appreciate your prompt response. Thanks a lot

steemit connection #steemalive #onepercent #nigeria

10.09.2020 20:30

BRO! i can feel your pain . its too hard to to wake up for online class espacially the 8 AM classes. they really sucks :( but your lunch looks damn interesting :P

10.09.2020 19:48

Haha thankyou so much :)

10.09.2020 20:11

Hahaha So many alarms but still i bet you wake up at the last one.

I wish you had smartphone with you at the walk.

noted your participation will send you sbd tomorrow thanks for participation , Btw when are you going to make the mcrony for me ? :p

Looks like we dont have that much Stamina for football lol.

You should have clicked the picture btw what you eat there in newly opened restaurant ???

onepercent #pakistan

10.09.2020 20:48

Yeah i kept killing the alarm bell until it was the last one :p

I forgot my smartphone at home :(

Haha i also worked really hard to make this stamina :p

I don't use much phone in front of my father hahaha :D
That's why i could not capture :p

We ate Light food, Rolls and a bit from sweet dishes :p

10.09.2020 20:59

Nice diary @haidermehdi. You really had a wonderful day. Your diary reminds me of how long i've been to morning run. Its really great doing that. Looking at that macroni, i will rate you 100% perfect in cooking. Its really yummy haha i would love to have some..

Thanks for sharing.

onepercent #nigeria

10.09.2020 21:50

Thank you so much for your kind words my friend :)

10.09.2020 22:00

Some times i also run because it is very good for body during runing and swiming every muscle of the moves and these two excercise really worth something.

onepercent #pakistan

11.09.2020 06:44

@haidermehdi i am so happy to see this steempakistan picture .. i like the creativity and effort you have done for making it
Thanks for sharing your activities in The Diary Game

onepercent #pakistan

11.09.2020 08:04

Most welcome brother @rashid001

11.09.2020 08:10