New Tool || Check your Club5050 Powerup || Steemcryptic by @Starlord28


Hey Everyone, This is @Haidermehdi. The Current Country Representative Of Pakistan! I am very happy to see all of you again!

I am here to introduce you all to a new update in the Steemcryptic by Starlord28, Our brother from India❤️
So First of all, Let's not forget to give him a round of applause for his amazing efforts!

Well done @Starlord28 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Steemcryptic is a tool that can well be used for so many purposes but the latest update in it that was made for #club5050 is heart winning. I came to know about this update a few hours ago and thus i am here to share this with you all so that you guys can keep track of your activities in an easier way!

Visit Steemcryptic Here and you'll find the following interface.


Now as you can see on the left corner, there is a #club5050 tab. You can click there to go to the club5050 interface.

If you wish to directly visit the club5050 interface, You can click this link here.

And then you see the following interface!


Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

It is extremely easy to use. User friendly, Simple design, justifying the mental models, piled up with a cognitive approach. The moment you see the interface, you know it completely what to do! The colors used are simple and let me show you the thing i loved the most. The chart :) and the output data. Damn Easy.

So, Let's check the record of my last 7 days earning and powerup history :)

We'll enter haidermehdi as username, set the date from 21 - 28th of october and let's see the results :)

  • Note: The account name text box is case sensitive, so you have to enter your account name in small letter.
  • Enter your username only, Don't write "@".


Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

This is some short yet serious information regarding club5050 and Steemcryptic.

I hope all of you would like to use this tool for your own benefit as well. A short summary that this interface shows is that i have powered up 250% of the rewards that i earned :p So it's great to know anyways :))

Wish you all a Great day. Enjoy the Tool. You can do much more with this.

And once again, thanks to @Starlord28, You have done an amazing job brother👏🏻❤️

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Please don't hesitate and feel free to ask any queries :)


Country Representative Pakistan Haidermehdi
Contact +92 3182140907
Discord Haidermehdi#0457
Telegram haidermehdii

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Yes I have checked my last 7 days record it's very easy and quick it's an amazing tool 👍

28.10.2021 10:08

I just read your post and try it, its really helpful to know that are we working according to #club5050 thanks for sharing

28.10.2021 10:19

I have also checked .My Power up ratio is 10% greater than my SBD ratio. Thanks for sharing amazing analysis tool .

28.10.2021 10:37

Sir as like before you are doing really best job ever
And As like before you have guided in a best way I got everything In just one sigh

Thank you and Allah bless you

28.10.2021 10:42

Wow a great tool indeed, i have checked my last week performance,


28.10.2021 11:47

I have also checked .I just read your post and try it, its really helpful to know that are we working according to #club5050 thanks for sharing.


28.10.2021 12:35

amazing tool I must say. .

28.10.2021 13:03

I am really very humbled by all the compliments that you have for Steemcryptic. Thank you for spreading the word of it in your community.

If you do want to support me in building more tools and DApps over here in Steem, please do consider voting me as a witness by heading over to


I'm currently at rank 48, would mean a lot if you could support my witness.

28.10.2021 14:00

Already done bro :)
All the best for the future :)

28.10.2021 14:44

Thank you!

29.10.2021 02:54

Nice working bro. I appreciate you.

28.10.2021 14:12

Very good tool.

28.10.2021 14:42

Amazing thing it is.

29.10.2021 01:31

Sir I am registered in #club5050 but I haven't received new label
Please label give me New label

29.10.2021 09:06

This is an amazing tool, I am surely gonna try it.

29.10.2021 18:38

This tool is surely going to help everyone.

29.10.2021 18:45

I also checked. 😊😊 good job
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31.10.2021 02:27