Introducing First Member Contests Series || List of Ongoing contests! Updated 3rd Nov! Club100!


Hello Steemit Pakistan Family, We are pleased to have so many new members with us this week ❤️❤️
I saw that many members are facing difficulty to find all the contests :) ❤️

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SO HERE UNDER IS THE LIST OF ALL ACTIVE CONTESTS GOING ON IN THE STEEMIT PAKISTAN COMMUNITY. For the First time, we have now introduced contests arranged by our Members. ❤️

S.No Contest Prize Link to post Expected Termination
1 Contest By @Janemorane 15 Steem LINK November 07, 2021 -23:59 hours - Pakistan Time.
2 Contest By @Huzaifanaveed1 30 Steem + 10 Link to post November 07, 2021 -23:59 hours - Pakistan Time.
3 Photography 22 Steem LINK November 09, 2021 -23:59 hours - Pakistan Time.
4 A special club5050 Contest Delegation/@0 steem Link to post 31st october 11:59 pm PST.

Winners of Scary Photography:


Art Contest:

Hey @pennsif & @disconnect, please check this list out :)

By @stephenkendal :)
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I am sure the users would now find it easy to participate in all the Contests. The Team has taken a good look over the participations and the prizes. Keep Participating. Keep Steeming.

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We are still looking for more members to arrange contests for the next week. We are accepting applications :)
Long Live Steemit, Long Live STEEMIT PAKISTAN.
Steem to the Moon and Beyond❤️❤️❤️

Yours, Haider Mehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan.
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Comments 17

I am really looking forward to participate in the contents this week. Best of luck to all the participants.

31.10.2021 17:22

@haidermehdi Hey.. I am new to steemit and don't have much sp i wanted to take part in contest by @huzaifanaveed1 but it requires 50 sp and to be the member of #club5050 that i am not as i don't have any payout. I really want to participate to win some sp can you please help me out how can I participate in contests

31.10.2021 17:38

you will get a payout after 3 days. You can participate after powering 50% that payout.

31.10.2021 18:14

Okay thank you @vvarishayy

31.10.2021 18:43

I will Insha Allah participate in presenting contest thanks to organizers for organizing these beautiful contests

31.10.2021 17:53

looking forward, amazing contests 👌

31.10.2021 19:58

I am constantly posting. I am not getting support. If there is an error in the post, please tell me. I will wait for your reply. usarname @aslam234

01.11.2021 01:08

Please spend some time working on markdown styling.
Use relevant pictures with text when necessary.
Become a part of club5050
Work a little on the way you give special mentions. The text size is too big!

01.11.2021 09:45

ok sar

01.11.2021 10:04

Very interesting contests.

01.11.2021 02:00

Great contests! Would love to take part in them.

01.11.2021 09:39

Thankyou for sharing.
I was looking for the new contest.
I'll participate

02.11.2021 01:49

what about cultural photography winner????

02.11.2021 04:51

Amazing contents 👍🏻 looking forward to participate..

02.11.2021 10:37

I will try to participate in these contests and become an active member again.

02.11.2021 10:52

Totally enjoying the contests :)

02.11.2021 12:27