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Hello everyone,

This is haidermehdi, The Country Representative of Pakistan and Greeter in the Newcomers Community!

This was a week full of good news. We finally decided a meetup of Steemit Pakistan members. We got selected for the Support program in the top 5 communities. It is a month to make the most out of for sure.
Though, I have been trying my best to socialize with the newcomers on the social media apps rather than in the Newcomers Community. I talked to many of them and told them about the rules that they have to follow while posting on steemit. I made them explore communities. Told them about the different contest and the lists of contests organized by many here on the platform.

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With an amazing increase in the number of greeters and their helpers, sometimes I feel like there are no more posts left to be verified and upvoted. I feel glad whenever I visit Newcomers Community almost all the achievements are verified and labeled properly. Thumbs up to all the greeters and greater helpers for completing this task so successfully. I somehow managed to complete my responsibilities also by giving upvotes and verify some of the Achievement 1 Posts which are listed as under:

Serial No Username Link to the Post
1 muarif Link to Post
2 mahnoorarif Link to Post
3 persian.cats Link to Post
4 wardahhh Link to Post
5 hafsasaadat90 Link to Post
6 syedarhamamir Link to Post
7 hibbanbilal Link to Post
8 saharsaqi Link to Post
9 hafsasaadat90 Link to Post
10 hibakhan28 Link to Post
11 hafsasaadat90 Link to Post
12 pixie.dust Link to Post
13 blackholiday01 Link to Post
14 blackholiday01 Link to Post
15 arya01 Link to Post
16 eshazahid Link to Post
17 ubaid008 Link to Post
18 mominahk27 Link to Post
19 ubaid008 Link to Post
20 nafeela Link to Post

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

A Few Previous Records!

Serial No Username Link Upvoted
1 angeli.hernandez Link to Post
2 emma55 Link to Post
3 lazimo Link to Post
4 hidan07 Link to Post
5 divinemercy Link to Post
6 eva-love-to-eat Link to Post
7 susan12 Link to Post
8 lolitsmaryam Link to Post
9 rimsha26 Link to Post
10 ahmedumer Link to Post
11 ahmedumer Link to Post
12 fatsalba Link to Post
13 usman01 Link to Post
14 usman01 Link to Post
15 muhammadyusuf Link to Post
16 ashalnadeem1 Link to Post
17 abdulmoqsit Link to Post
18 hiba.khalid Link to Post
19 hafsasaadat90 Link to Post
20 pixie.dust Link to Post
21 mizna.says Link to Post
22 ashalnadeem1 Link to Post
23 syedarhamamir Link to Post
24 bushramalik Link to Post

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Country Representative Pakistan Haidermehdi
Contact +92 3182140907
Discord Haidermehdi#0457
Telegram haidermehdii

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This was my work over the last week as a greeter. Hope to come back with another report next week.

Yours, Haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan.
Steem On!