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Hello Everyone. This is Haidermehdi. Country Representative Pakistan! I am here to present the second report of this new year 2022 which is almost about to complete its 3rd week! We are growing well in terms of SP and active members as well. We just need to wait a little before we achieve our goals of reaching 120k SP by the end of this month with steemit-pak In shaa Allah!

Reaching Club100 with 5435 Steem Powerup!

None of this was possible without the Support of @Steemcurator01 and The Steemit Team. I am very thankful to all of you and personally i believe being a Country Representative i should lead from the front! I had a misfortune of transferring some steem and paying a loan right before the time when the clubs were announced

But since then, i have powered up each and everything that's has come my way and i will continue doing this until i reach the goal of becoming a person with atleast 20k Steem Power of My Own.

Steemit Pakistan Post Verifications!


In the Posts, we are currently focused upon 5 things that matter while writing the post in the Steemit Pakistan Community. These aspects help us to recognize how strongly a member is connected to Steemit Platform and Steemit Pakistan Community.

They are:

Serial No



These are the 5 main aspects that the Steemit Pakistan would be looking in each and every post from now onwards and there will be a comment from steemit-pak account on every incoming post checking for these 5 aspects.

Hence a table comprising of these 5 worthy elements with the verification confirmation looks somewhat like this:

Check Action
Plagiarism No
Club #Club5050
Verification Yes
Bid-Bots No
Steemexclusive Yes
Prime Member Yes

My Powerups and Delegations!

I have been trying my best to powerup each and everything that comes my way from the past couple of months or we may say almost 80 days! I am on my way to achieve club100 and Triple Dolphin. With continuous powerups i have reached 12500 Steem Power of my own. I am happy to reach this mark and looking forward to powerup as much as i get and be a triple dolphin soon! I have also delegation 99.98% of my steem power to support the country curation account as this is what our main goal explains!


Steemit Pakistan and Prime Members

In the recent past, i have been working my level best to gather delegations for the @steemit-pak account to make it reach 100k before the end of year 2021, and Alhamdulillah we have already crossed 100k. Now my main aim is to reach atleast 110k in the next few days in shaa Allah. Here below are the two posts of Prime Members or Prime Delegators
of Steemit Pakistan Community and the second one is the latest update.

  1. Delegation Percentage || Become a Prime Member and Get Special Treatment! 100K SOON

Reached #Club75 After 4269 Steem powerup!

Now onwards, I am officially able to join #club75. I had been waiting to join it for so long. I tried to powerup as much as i got but unfortunately it was not enough to balance the transfers. But now for the last 80 days i have powered up almost each and every penny that came my way :) And i am willing to powerup everything that i get for the cause of my steem power and sustainability on this platform!

The normal transfer amount is 0 and Powerup amount is 4,903.106 STEEM



The Booming Support || Tier 1

Booming Support for Communities - December

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My Work in the Community:

I try to put all my efforts in the team discussion and work more on ground level rather than out here. I always try my best to guide every member that comes to me for help. On the other hand, i try to do as much voting as possible to keep the members motivated. The Sc01 visits are quite less since the last week and members have started to lose hope but i always guide them and show them the better path!

Below is one of my effort which i presented to ensure that all members are doing good comments and not spamming. This has made a great influence and now we are not having much trouble with the spammers!

How to write Good Comments || Avoid becoming a Spammer!

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Steemit-Pak becomes 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

With continuous efforts and support from @steemcurator01 we have reached 35000 Own Steem power on Steemit-Pak. It is a wonderful achievement and with this being own Sp, We have hit 109 thousand and 500 Effective Steem Power from Steemit-Pak. We are so close to 120K steem power and this is our main aim for the month of January!


Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

My Powerups For #Club75

Without enormous growth in the past couple of months, i have been getting some good support for the last 30 days. I have tried my best to be powering up each and everything that i got and you can see it from my transfers and my wallet that not even a single steem i have earned that has not been powered up.

Here are some glimpses of my announced powerups in the last two months!

Serial Num Link to Post
1 Link to the powerup Post
2 Link to the powerup Post
3 Link to the powerup Post
4 Link to the powerup Post
5 Link to the powerup Post
6 Link to the powerup Post
7 Link to the powerup Post
8 Link to the powerup Post
9 Link to the powerup Post
10 Link to the powerup Post

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Steemit-Pak Delegation Rewards!

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

We have reached almost 83k Steem Power* with the help of Steemit Team and our delegators. We are looking to take this more higher as we move on in the future. For this we are offering two major rewards:

  • 100% of the curation rewards to be distributed among the Delegators. We are also planning to giveaway 500% rewards to those users who are earning less than one steem per week due to lesser delegation being a newcomer! We hope to announce this soon!
  • Delegations rewards will be now distributed at the end of the month and there might be some extra bonus for you to hold your delegations with us. We are quite sure that we will return you the best for your delegations. Even for the little ones :)

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Country Representative Pakistan Haidermehdi
Contact +92 3182140907
Discord Haidermehdi#0457
Telegram haidermehdii

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Yours, Haider Mehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan❤️
Steem on!

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