A small request || Remove Auto claim rewards in wallet and Claim only once in a day!


Hello everyone, i hope you all are doing great. I just received some messages from a good friend of mine who told us something very important to help prevent the burning of trx. So i thought to share this with all of you!

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Are you using auto claim rewards?

This is the big question. I am sure many of you are unaware of this and also not using this but if you are using auto-claim wallet rewards, please disable it and claim the Steem/Sbd rewards manually. And do it once per 24 hours.


Every time we claim rewards, 0.28 trx is being burnt to accommodate the bandwidth. Let's suppose if there are 5000 active users who have set auto-claim rewards every hour. Then 24 times a day by make it 5000 users gives a approximate amount of 120000 times. And as said earlier, on every claim, 0.28 trx is being burnt.

So accordingly, 24 x 5000 = 120000 x 0.28 = 33600 trx being burnt per day.

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How can we reduce this?

We can reduce this first on individual basis and then as a community. If we take the first step, i am sure there are many to follow.

  • Remove/Disable auto claim rewards.
  • Claim rewards just once per day.

Difference in Stats?

Previously, 33600 trx got burned in a day.

Now, the similar calculations with just once a claim per day can save a lot of trx from getting burned.


Users = 5000
Claim = 1 in a day.
No of times trx burnt? = 5000
Trx burnt in a single claim = 0.28
5000 x 0.28

Hope this helps you understand the reason and viability of making this post. How important it is to take such small steps and save a lot. Hope you all understood and there is no rocket science in that.

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Yours, Haider Mehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan❤️
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Thank you for guiding, we will follow it

04.11.2021 09:41

Good Information @haidermehdi Dear

04.11.2021 09:42

Helo @haidermehdu I have not been supported by any curator or any upvotes?
Can you tell me plz?.
I have been posting for 1 month?
I also delegate sp

04.11.2021 09:44

This is good point.

04.11.2021 09:53

Thanks for giving me a good guideness. This is very valuable for every users of Steemit platform.


04.11.2021 10:13

So informative article this the wonderful things that a superb most CR should have and for good luck we have a great CR who is skillful superb punctual and loving to their users so I am pleased having such a dedicated CR.
May you live long
Thank you

04.11.2021 10:50

Thanks for sharing, i was not aware of this before, you always cameup with helpful post.

04.11.2021 18:52

Damnn! Even such small things matters alot. Thanks @haidermehdi for your guidance! It was helpful.

04.11.2021 19:01

Yes they do. You're welcome :)

04.11.2021 19:45

I was totally unaware of all this. Thank you for sharing this 👍🏻

04.11.2021 20:32

That was really helpful...thanks for sharing :)

04.11.2021 20:44

How to disable auto claim reward in wallet. Please guide me littlie.

05.11.2021 02:36

Thanks for your information bro.

05.11.2021 02:55

Excellent sir thanks for your information sir

05.11.2021 03:44

Thanks for your guidelines i will follow it definitely.

05.11.2021 06:02

My auto-claim rewards are disabled and I'm not going to enable them anytime soon.

05.11.2021 06:10

Omg I didn't know this point and I am also using auto claim rewards. Thank you for sharing such a helpful content. Now let me remove auto claim of my rewards.

It may be funny 🤣 but if we claim our rewards once in a week then we can get more benefit.

05.11.2021 09:09

@haidermehdi phly bnai the tu plagiarism a gaya thaw ab new bnai hai check kar lain or verify kar dain

05.11.2021 10:32

Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information. I am happy that even after having information about this method but I didn't choose this for claiming rewards. I hope this can be read out by most of the new comers and old users too.


05.11.2021 12:03

Its Really Great Information Thanks Bro...

05.11.2021 16:55

Great post!

05.11.2021 17:07

I am not using auto claim and will try to avoid it also In Sha Allah. Did not know its impact before the post, thanks for posting.

05.11.2021 17:08

Thanks for this information!

05.11.2021 19:27

Thank you for telling this. Seriously had no idea before this. And i use to claim after every 2 to 3 hours

06.11.2021 06:43