Two-pronged approach between Heco mainnet and funds


The mainnet of Huobi Eco-Chain Heco was officially launched on December 21. The official announcement stated that Heco will provide fee subsidies based on the caller's HT holdings, and can provide targeted fee reductions for specific DApps. To

According to the reduction and exemption rules, HT holders can enjoy a minimum commission discount of 10%, and when the holding HT is greater than or equal to 5000, they can enjoy a maximum of 65% commission discount.

HT holders can enjoy stepped fee discounts on Heco

Soon, the Huobi platform token HT began to migrate to Heco. On December 12, Huobi issued an announcement that Huobi Global will soon migrate some HT to Heco. The current migration volume is about 5 million. The total amount of HT (Huobi Token) will remain unchanged during the migration process. Global Station has locked up an equivalent amount of ERC20HT assets on the Ethereum network.

In addition, according to Heco's official website, 21 super nodes are also expected to start elections in Q1 next year.

Earlier on December 10, when the Huobi Open Platform officially announced its first product, Huobi ECO Chain (Heco), it stated that Huobi Pass HT will operate as the underlying Token of Heco, and the circulation of HT in the market will remain unchanged. The node pledges HT to become a super node to participate in the verification, and supports up to 21 super nodes. Thanks to the self-developed HPOS consensus mechanism, the network's TPS can reach 500+, and blocks can be generated in 3 seconds. The meta-transaction function launched by Heco will enable tiered gas fee reductions for users who hold HT.

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