What a day for UNIFI DeFi — 14 achievements so far

What started as a quiet day suddenly became a whirlwind, a fast rising tide. Thank you to our old supporters, and our newfound friends.


As the sun rose above the horizon this morning, UNIFI DeFi was sitting at a comfortable $0.055 per token, rocking a tight-knit and cosy community, and silently making waves in our own way.

Then this afternoon the tide came in quickly, a video dropped by BitBoy shared more about the perks of UNIFI DeFi, such as our revolutionary and game-changing Nitrous Layer, and the ball really started rolling. We welcomed fantastic new followers, fielded questions from initial critics, shared our achievements and watched as our hard work began to gain notice.

We quickly peaked to $0.084, before settling to a respectable $0.071 at the time of writing this. we experienced a few sudden whales (who very quickly sold off), welcomed with open arms small first-time investors, and were overjoyed at the flood of new support and followers heading in to see the action at our Telegram.

What are just some of our many achievements so far, in such little time?

Here’s a few…

  1. Released sneak pics of our new Staking Dashboard UI.
  2. We’re announcing an INSANE, gigantic partnership soon!
  3. Just listed on Uniswap.
  4. We have locked liquidity for a year.
  5. We’ll be doing a sweet AMA really soon…
  6. We’ve just funded marketing for UNIFI DeFi!
  7. We’ve also hired a full-time professional writer, to write up awesome articles and bits like THIS right now (we hope you’re enjoying it so far!)
  8. Our awesome, sleek, beautiful website is almost completed. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done with the place…
  9. Oh — we’ve also applied for all the relevant and cool coin trackers, so you can keep a close eye on all things UNIFI DeFi.
  10. Staking is coming very soon.
  11. We locked 96% of coins directly after presale — and all those post-sale whales have already disappeared!
  12. About that ‘locked liquidity for 1 year’ thing… we did that directly after listing on Uniswap for extra supporter confidence and faith.
  13. For a few of you who were awake this morning, a surprise airdrop!
  14. And this afternoon, we landed a great feature on BitBoy Crypto.

4 days out of our presale not even 3 days into uniswap.

As always with UNIFI DeFi, there’s much more news coming soon! Keep an eye out on the official UNIFI DeFi Telegram HERE for more, including big announcements and community discussions. There’s a lot coming up!

UNIFI DeFi Uniswap link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency =

Contract address : 0x0eF3b2024ae079e6dBC2b37435cE30d2731F0101

Etherscan link : https://etherscan.io/token/0x0eF3b2024ae079e6dBC2b37435cE30d2731F0101

The team at UNIFI DeFi have also provided a 1-year liquidity lock, proof of which is available HERE and HERE (unicrypt analysis).

Like the tide rising, we are inevitable.

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