What Have You Learned From Steem Contest Week IV || 3 things I Learned from Steem

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In every field of life we have the opportunity to have different experiences in different situations and try to build ourselves accordingly. Because life means to improve ourselves and continue to fight to avoid learning something new from the position around us. For a long time I had the opportunity to work in the steem blockchain, although the beginning was not so beautiful.

But the situation forced me to learn a lot and I tried to make myself more efficient by taking advantage of that opportunity. I used every opportunity I could, because I believed from the beginning that the steem blockchain was a great opportunity to change myself and my destiny.

In the beginning, I would like to thank you @abduhawab for organizing this wonderful contest and taking the opportunity to share with everyone what I have learned from the Steem platform.

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When I first joined this platform, I didn't get much support through blogs or photography. Because neither my skill nor creativity was good. I used to regret seeing other people's posts and rewards. Sometimes I thought, can I ever write a blog so beautifully? In fact, in the beginning, in many cases, we do not have the right confidence or morale, but gradually we have to increase self-confidence and take inspiration from others to work.

I learned three things from this platform, and that is-


I can achieve something like others on this wonderful platform, this kind of confidence I have always tried to build inside me. Because no one can do anything without confidence. I used to check the profiles of those who got good support and when I went there I saw that in the beginning they also did not get good support. And seeing that I would calm myself down, I can't do anything today but one day I will be able to prove myself. This confidence has brought me so far today.


It wasn’t too easy for me. Because the motivation of good users in the beginning is very important for newcomers. I understood this very well. Because if the big and good users give some inspiration to the newcomers with good wishes, the newcomers can have the courage to express their inner strength in a beautiful way. I have tried to participate in contests from different communities and have been inspired by them, which has given me the courage to move forward.

Long term plan

One thing the current generation or newcomers do not want to understand is patience and long-term planning to do something good. Everyone would give us more and more advice on this one, because there is no such thing as a shortcut. Here it will be possible for those who can work with long term plans to create a good position for themselves in the future. I understand this very well and have prepared myself accordingly. I have not wasted myself or my chances by doing the opposite, but I have developed the mentality of working in the long run with confidence and inspiration.

Thanks everyone for reading my writings.

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I agree you that patience and long term planning is very important.
I think we explore or find those communities who support their members.
best wishes for you @hafizullah
I am Zia from pakistan.

25.05.2021 18:10

Hello brother Zia,
Hope you are well and safe!
Thanks for your support and nice feedback.

26.05.2021 17:32

Your post is inspiration for us and of course for the new comers !Thanks to share, best of luck!

25.05.2021 20:25

You are welcome brother and thanks for wonderful feedback.

26.05.2021 17:32

I am not brother, sister, thanks for reply.

26.05.2021 17:44

Oh! sorry sister

26.05.2021 17:45

Hi @hafizullah, thank you for taking in the contest. Indeed these three things are playing prominent role on this platform. I think newcomers should read this

26.05.2021 03:38

Thanks brother for the good contest.
Yes, it is really very important for newcomers cuz I share it from my own experience and it is very true with this points anyone can get the success here.

26.05.2021 17:33