Mini Beef Burger


Hello Food Lovers,

We all have an extra eye only for food, in my childhood I heard that people have 1 more eyes, with this eyes that look only at delicious foods. However, I do not know if there is a third eye or not, but yes, I have a special fascination with food lol.



Today, one of the more popular items is sharing with you. It is dear to almost all the people of the city. Although the food is not part of our city tradition. We know this as a foreign food.



Burgers, a meal that is more fun in the short run for people of all levels. One of the most popular items is this. There are usually three types of burgers in our country. One egg burger, two chicken burgers and three beef burgers. However, it is to be noted that egg burgers are the most popular in our city.



Today, I'm sharing, beef burgers. This is a mini beef burger. This is a very useful item for eliminating small hunger. Moreover, the size is small and the price is very low. So it can be tasted at any time.



However, in our city, usually all these shops open after evening. After a busy day's work, when people trying to walking in the city, they find it attractive to eat. To me and it tastes good, so don't make the mistake of tasting it sometimes.



Bingo Burgers
104 Kazi Alauddin Road
(Jummon Community Centre Gate-1),
Bangshal, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Thanks all for visiting my reivew and reading my writing.


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Restaurant Information

Bingo Burgers
104 Kazi Alauddin Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mini Beef Burger
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10.10.2019 01:03

Yummy 😋😋

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10.10.2019 04:39

I like beef burger. Looks yummy.

10.10.2019 08:54

Good share, Dear Friend.

11.10.2019 13:40