My Takeway Chicken Fry


Hello Friend,

From the small shops in the city to the fun of eating something else, there are times when we all love to be different. Because in the midst of the difference, other feelings work. Although I am somewhat an exception. I like to always have exceptions.


After a long time I went to official work near Dhaka . And since New Market is one of the favorite places of shopping people. So I got a chance to come around. Because I like the difference too. So the choice is to try something different.


Although I don't like fast food too much. Because fast food items are always effective in increasing fat. And I've always been aware of fat control.


However, the time is short so I decided to taste the chicken fries and order. The store is located right in front of the market gate. Although it is a temporary shop, there was no arrangement for seating. So I stood on the side of the road to taste the chicken fries.


In fact, sometimes dislike should be tasted, because then it would be possible to say something good about it. However, to me the taste of chicken fries is quite nice.


Venisia Snacks
292, Dhaka New Market, Dhaka-1205.

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Restaurant Information

Venisia Snacks
292 New Market - Pilkhana Rd, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

My Takeway Chicken Fry
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19.08.2019 08:50


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19.08.2019 09:03

I know about this kind of street food ,this are really delicious and tasty but this shop keeper why not use safety guard for his food ? This food is fully open .you know brother, in this time dhaka city air most polluted ,new market area is very jam full ,lots of people always gathering this zone . Anyway stay happy.

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19.08.2019 12:10