SilverFit 3D - A virtual therapy system to train gross motor skills

SilverFit 3D

A virtual therapy system to train gross motor skills


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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters,
You know that Occasionally we think of many types of rehabilitation of our elderly, because they break mentally. So it is important to restore their mental strength.

So today, I am presenting a wonderful virtual therapy system, which is a very effective way to restore the mental strength and morale of older people. Let's check for some great features......

The SilverFit has been designed specifically for use by older people. It is a virtual therapy system to train gross motor skills and ADL tasks during rehabilitation sessions or supervised exercise programmes. The exercises are presented in games and provide direct positive feedback and motivate the older person to push their boundaries.

Check the video for more details-


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Comments 14

I really do believe that we are beginning to see and more the importance of keeping our mental health in tact even at old age.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

20.07.2019 17:29

Thank you so much for your nice review.

21.07.2019 00:35

This virtual therapy is really help to people.. Thanks for the awesome hunt!

20.07.2019 21:33

Yes, You are right brother, this can easily play a vital role at old age.

21.07.2019 00:34

cool virtual therapy system to train gross motor skills helpful for user with awesome features impressive hunt keep sharing ,😊

21.07.2019 07:33

Our bodies are only 1 of 2 parts. There is an entire medical field called Psychosomatic medicine. Sometimes building the mind is the first step to building the body


It's not always easy to know how much these new techs help people. But as long as they make people's lives better I'm happy to see more and more of them :)

21.07.2019 17:42

I believe that technology is best used when it makes human life easy and convenient. I have gone through this hunt and glad to mention that it does the same. Very useful and helpful hunt for old people specially. Indeed a great Hunt.

21.07.2019 18:20

Great hunt @hafizullah! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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22.07.2019 00:15

Awesome oNe!
It would be a great way to train and make patient healthy. As we can see the Ar/VR technologies are doing great in our daily life to make our life better and happy and this is another cool invention in this Era... many more are coming...
Thank YOu and Have a GooD DaY!

22.07.2019 01:32

This is really nice. While i think i have seen such vr tools already on sh, its always good to refresh one's knowledge of how tech can help mankind in so many ways. Gamifying exercise will alwags be better in vr i think. Wii fit was a great product and playing all those games in vr would have been so much more fun.

22.07.2019 05:06

I have always said gaming is great for the elderly, the SilverFit 3D is not only a distraction of the limitations of the elderly but also a way to train as it can be a effective way to restore the mental strength and morale of the older generation and while this is great the Wii console also offers such activities for a number of years.

22.07.2019 10:25

This is very helpful for old people ! Any idea about price?

22.07.2019 14:22

Assistive technology is the needs for peoples. Thats why need more and more development.

22.07.2019 14:48


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