Rainy Days Mean Enjoy Something

Hello Lovely Peoples,

The weather, the food and the heart have a wonderful bridge between these three. You will understand it only if you care about it. In particular, rainy days are called good times for poets, because this time can be heard in the face of everyone who is fit to write their poems.

Moreover, autumn is called a wonderful time for photography. Because the colorful surroundings make everything more attractive. So photographers have the opportunity to express their mind's desires in new dimensions, capturing the state of nature's unique scenery through the camera.


However, I do not understand these things very well. Because I am not a poet nor a good photographer. So these do not enter my head. However, these words are prevalent in the society, so I said. But yes, during the rainy days some kind of good works between us, the feeling of the other awakens in the heart. So we listen to the music in the rain, some eat the favorite food, and many find the feeling of happiness soaked in the rain.

In fact, during the rainy days, the traditional practice of Bengalis is to eat good food. Especially something special, but in this case the demand for fried goods is high. Like roasting hilsa fish with roasted khichuri, it has a different taste. And if outside the house, there are various types of spicy foods, such as potato-chop, Peyaju, Beguni, Singara or Samocha.

Photo captured by me.

The reason for all this is that the sky was cloudy from dawn to dusk, and it was raining at noon. Although the rainfall was not very high today. Because when it rains highly, it floats around. This is an old problem of ours, which still survives in Dhaka City. That is the reason we celebrate today's environment in the office by eating foods.

Because the rainy weather means a new opportunity for us, and it is not right to miss this opportunity. So we celebrated one more rainy day with Singara and Sweets. Since we are Bengali, it is our duty to preserve Bengali heritage. However, it would have been better to celebrate days with Hilsha fish or Khichuri at lunch.

Photo captured by me.

However, we Bengalis are a very happy nation. Always look for opportunities to enjoy. But today I end here, with my four lines of poetry written today –

Rainy days mean listening to music
Rainy days mean writing poetry
Rainy days mean fried hilsa
Rainy days mean enjoying something differently.

Thanks all for visiting and reading my writing.


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BDvoter Team

23.10.2019 11:21

Thanks a lot for the support.

23.10.2019 15:04

Rainy days are fun, we had one yesterday, today is humid and hot again not as much fun on cooler rainy days @hafizullah visiting from #powerhousecreatives

23.10.2019 11:25

Rainy days are always fun for me.

23.10.2019 15:07

I also agree with you brother.

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23.10.2019 11:25

Thank you brother.

23.10.2019 15:07

I really enjoy rainy days, too. It freshens the air, gives a crisp, cool day, and reinvigorates the earth.

23.10.2019 12:54

Thats great.

23.10.2019 15:06

We at South East Asia really needed rain last few months due to the haze, rain is always welcome but not the thunder storm though... :)

23.10.2019 13:18

So I pray, that the rain should come to you :)

23.10.2019 15:06

Rainy days we have so many of them in holland

23.10.2019 16:11

Great sound, I always love rainy days. Its give me something different feelings.

23.10.2019 16:48

I just love rainy days, they are nostalgic and bring forgotten sensations to the surface. Your post really reminded me of those feelings, thanks for sharing!

23.10.2019 16:15

Yes, same things this side brother. Thanks for nice response.

23.10.2019 16:52

We're having lots of rain these days too, for Malaysia year-end means the monsoon season is upon us - rain is good as it is cooler, but for some it also means floods, unfortunately...

23.10.2019 16:35

Yes, that's really bad true for us. sometimes its flooding also our town. But I love always rain. Thanks for dropping.

23.10.2019 16:53

Most welcome!

23.10.2019 17:00

I always enjoy raining days as a day to take it easy somewhat.

24.10.2019 01:06

Great! Its really very enjoyable moment.

24.10.2019 04:39

I remember a saying that says something like this: After the rain comes calm, but it is the first time I have heard enjoying a good meal while it rains. Of course, it all depends on the intensity of the storm.

Thank you for sharing this perspective.

24.10.2019 03:23

Yes, Thanks friends for dropping by.

24.10.2019 04:40

I would welcome a little rain right now. It's been so hot for days now and we are already nearing December. Your heritage sounds very interesting and looking forward to see more. Cheers!

24.10.2019 08:27

Some times rainy days can be good for the soul. A day to rest indoors.A day to reflect.
LOVE listening to the rain pitter patter on the roof.

25.10.2019 11:08

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30.10.2019 11:11