How to Eliminate Bad Habits

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For various reasons we become captive to various habits, which is not a positive thing for us. Because of these we have to hear bad reactions from others. So we should try to figure out how to remove them. In fact, people are slaves to habit. So habits cannot be changed very easily. That's why you have to try hard.

However, nothing is impossible for people, if you try for a long time, everything becomes possible. So we should patiently try to change bad habits. Here are three suggestions on Eliminate bad habits. Just check my video for that-

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@hafizullah, excelente recomendación, ahora solo poner en práctica!!!

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Thanks a lot :D

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Thanks a lot brother

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That's a very good vlog by you brother.

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Thanks for a great video @hafizullah, and you shared really great advice on how to remove bad habits, thank you very much, it's awesome.

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