Book- Luxury or Basic Needs

Hello Dtubers,

Books are an essential part of our lives. Because the book has no alternative to increase the range of knowledge or remove the darkness of knowledge. But are we always evaluating the book correctly? In today's video I am sharing an event with books.

Thanks all for understanding my words.



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04.02.2020 11:22

Hi @hafizullah,

An excellent video about the importance of reading. I would just add that you have to read good books, that's why you talk about getting out of the darkness to knowledge. However, I remember a very famous writer in Western culture who made a treatise on education, where he recommended not reading books for dealing with repetitive and vain topics. The social philosopher was right about something. However, I am convinced that there are edifying and useful books worth reading.

PD: The philosopher is Jean-Jacques Rousseau

04.02.2020 12:52

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05.02.2020 04:07

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05.02.2020 11:25

I don't read a lot of books but you're right! Reading is really important, doesn't matter what you read imho, much better intelligent stuff of course! :)

06.02.2020 19:31