Our Problems and Attitude || Thoughtful Tuesday

Hello Lovely Peoples,

Yesterday I tried to say that attitudes change - life will change. Although many of us have always been frustrated by the civilization of this development. We over-think many unwanted issues. And responsible for all of this is our mentality or negative outlook. That is why people say, change attitudes wise, all mental problems will be solved.


In fact, our small problems turn into big problems because of the outlook. Because of our difficult outlook, we take many easy points in life incorrectly and ultimately fail to match them. Because at the root of our view is the problem. The more we think about ourselves, the more we think about others' views. Because of which we are never interested in solving our own problems.


But if we look at ourselves, if we look at the things we are interested in, if we look at our small achievements, in many cases we can see that we have many achievements, in many cases we have the skills that we put a little importance on, then we will be able to achieve something better. But sadly, it is true that none of us emphasize these things!


After all, one thing we have to remember is that man is not born with skill, man does not come to earth with humanity, man is not successful from the beginning, but man has to be efficient, achieve humanity, taste failure, and then man able to achieve the desired success.


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Thanks all for understanding everything.



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Yes, brother you are right. Very good articles...

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22.01.2020 12:50

Nice post. One does have to have a positive outlook on life. You are correct, we are not born with skills. They have to be developed.

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