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Hello Lovely Peoples,

Each country has some traditional heritage structures, which nurture the country's heritage and give them a fresh introduction to the world. Because of this, each country strives to create different types of structures in line with their traditions, which are recognized as national establishments.

Anyway, today is Friday. Our weekend. And by taking advantage of this opportunity I am trying to share with you a national installation. Baitul Mukarram, National Mosque of Bangladesh. The mosque is located in the center of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Another feature is that it is at the center of Bangladesh, which is located at Zero Point.

The construction work of the Baitul Mukarram Mosque was started in January 1960 and its construction was completed in 1968. It is an 8-storeyed mosque with a lower floor market. Here, 40,000 thousand people can pray together.

Special attention was paid to the communication system in the building. So it is located in the center of the city and communication is very easy. Almost every day thousands of people come here to pray and enjoy its beauty architecture.

Another known fact is that Bangladesh's largest jewelry market is located on the bottom floor. Due to which the arrival of the elite class people is also abundant. It can be easily accessed from any part of the country. There are all kinds of elite products market. On one side is the National Stadium Complex of Bangladesh and on the other is the Dhaka Central Post Office.

Since its inception, its architecture has been a great sight to all. And a few days ago, it tried to change its shape a lot. Because everything is changing over time. Therefore, efforts have been made to modernize this national structure as well.

Its history also shows that its founder was Abdul Latif Ibrahim Bhavani, the then prominent businessman. He was a very famous businessman. And in 1964, he opened the bottom floor market to cover its construction costs.

You can also visit this side to know more details about Baitul Mukarram- Click HERE

Declaration: All photos taken by my by MI Redmi S2 smart phone.

Thanks all for visit my page and reading my writing.

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Thanks for represent this brother.

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Welcome brother.

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what a beautiful holy place and I must say it's a place where you can feel close to Allah. Thanks a lot for sharing..
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Thanks a lot.

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I have never had the chance to visit this mosque. Only have seen from far. You captured some really good images. Thanks :)

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I think you should visit it, there have a option for women's.

29.11.2019 16:44

I know women are free to enter this mosque. But it's far from my home. Maybe I will someday.
Thanks 😊

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Nice tower, big mosque. Saw some mosques in Malaysia, and in Bali I went in one, found it refreshing.

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30.11.2019 18:19

I have been to a lot of churches here in our country. I have never visited a mosque before. I would try to look for one near our area. That mosque is beautiful.

02.12.2019 08:40