Bholaganj - a place of natural beautiful white stones

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I like to travel all the time, because traveling is the best way to refresh my tired mind. Although in the modern technology-based society, people can enjoy everything at home now, so many do not show much interest in traveling. However I always like to do the exception and do what is good for my body and mind.


But first of all, my favorite place to visit is the beautiful sights of Bangladesh. That's why I try to visit new places every year. In fact, travel not only brings joy to our mind, it also enhances our physical ability and creates opportunities for new experiences. Also helps greatly to reduce our mental stress. Easily heal the tired body.


This year, I choose to travel to the Sylhet district in the northeast of Bangladesh. Although Sylhet is famous for its tea garden, Sylhet also has many natural beauty sites. Because of this, many foreign and domestic tourists gather here every year to enjoy the beauty of the Sylhet region. We absolutely go to Zero Point in Bholaganj, the last part of Bangladesh, to enjoy the beauty of white stones and fountains.



We finished breakfast in the morning and left for Bholaganj via Sunamganj. When we reached Bholaganj, not many tourists were there. So our joy is a little higher. I went straight to Zero Point with an engine-powered boat. Green and beautiful janta hills all around. Although all the mountains fall on the Indian border, we have only enjoyed its beauty from a distance. The green mountains, and the white clouds of autumn in the sky, are a spectacular sight. The clear water of the falls is coming down sharply from the hills. Just white stone and stone all around. An extraordinary environment was arousing our feelings again and again. Between the cool water and the stream, many are trying to rejoice in the water.



The gloom of the green hills and the white stones scattered around - for a while forgot the roar of the mechanical city, lost in another world of love. Transparent water, white stones and green hills are like being enclosed in a mist.


All photos captured from Bholagonj, Sylhet, Bangladesh by MI Redmi S2 smartphone.

If want you can also check the YouTube video of mine about this tour:

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Thanks for understand the value of the green nature for a beautiful and secure planet.

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This place reminds me so much of my grandmother's village. The stones and the river. Only this river looks clearer than mine 😂

19.09.2019 11:21

Wow! happy to hear that. Its really a beautiful village.

19.09.2019 11:22

I love pebbles a slot and this stones are good looking and they are always fond in water regions. That means that place will be a cool place to relax

19.09.2019 11:56

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19.09.2019 19:20