We had different hobbies in school life, in fact we used to believe in different ...

... kinds of fiction and tried to follow them in school life. Among them, strange stories about peacocks and peacock feathers were common among us. Now, remembering those words laughter comes.

However, we think of the peacock as the worst thing and think that the feathers are collected by hunting the peacock. But the real information is that peacocks do not have to hunt for peacock feathers. Because their feathers change every year during the breeding season, and from there peacock feathers can be collected very easily.

The strangest idea among us was that if a feather of peacocks were with them, no kind of ghost could come out and be saved from all kinds of evil. Frankly I don't know how many other strange ideas about peacock feathers are common among humans.

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Nice brother😍😍😍

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We had a belief that if we have a peacock feather.. we are lucky.. and i had gathered almost a vase full of those.. which also decorated the home! Later on i realised that it was just false belief.. but the feathers i gathered over time look very beautiful now! 😍

13.11.2019 14:35