Nature is the blessing of the Creator. But we are not evaluating it properly, instead ...

... we are destroying nature to meet our needs and pushing the earth in the face of destruction.


However, we are becoming unconscious day by day, putting ourselves in danger. Do not know whether our consciousness will return? Because if this continues, the future of our next generation will be uncertain!


Thanks apu @priyanarc for your nice information about the new update of @appics


This photo captured by me by MI Redmi S2 Smartphone.


Thanks all for visit.


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Really beautiful..

07.11.2019 10:29

Thanks Apu

07.11.2019 11:37

Hello sir,
I am from Bangladesh.I hop you and me help each other .
Bye the way,we must take care of our nature for our present life & future generation.
Thank you .

07.11.2019 12:13

Beautiful photography

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07.11.2019 14:35