Law officer offers resignation over Brexit bill

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Johnson cheated Parliament. He cheated many in his own party who were not in on the secret to dump the deal after it was signed (at International level). He cheated the European Union across all the institutions who will have had to agree this and national Parliaments and Regional Assemblies too in Federated countries. He has cheated all parties to the Good Friday agreement, including USA and the U.N., as well as the people of the Island of Ireland and the British public in a General Election. Johnson now risks any possibility remaining of getting an EU trade deal as well as in USA or anywhere else, as who would trust the UK government? The EU are likely to be threatening a ban on certain UK exports, such as foods. Johnson is a lying, cheating & dangerous fool but he has whooping support from Leave supporting extremists who prove themselves to be the shallow dupes and utter fools we always believed many of them to be. If this was a song it might be "eve of destruction"

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