Belarus: Nobel Laureate Alexievich visited by diplomats amid 'harassment' - BBC News

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i hope the military and police will side with the people soon, someone will have to use covert tactics against these secret police of Lukashenko to save the kidnapped victims. they are so important as the last protest leaders who stayed for the fight in Belarus. if you had a choice between being governed by a man backed by an external offensive threat, who arrests, tortures and kills through an army that doesn't show their faces, or to be governed by people willing to sacrifice their work, education and daily lives for peaceful change, which would you chose? the people of Belarus simply want a life and a future that isn't the product of deceit and lying from their government. do you think Lukashenko cares for 1 minute about anyone except himself? it will take a military revolt that sides with the people to decide this. and yeah, this sounds like the state of America, too.

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