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One SB-like gameday from coaching and planning to urgency on the field for them (Ravens), and just another game for the Pats. The Pats let the game come to them and take each gm as it comes....this was also exploratory because LJ was a different enough product so they need ed to take a good look that´s why the Pats used a generic static D...and the O DID what it could since their whole offense is 1st is playing out of pos or are injured especially at WR. The result was not unexpected...a missed called on JE "fumble" which was caused by the ground clearly and the game is much different...Brady and Belichick are not saying much. Sort of tells an astute observer that something is up and this was more like a live scouting exercise. NE is gonna win the conference and will meet these guys in the PO then we´ll see.


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