STEEM Price Target: $0.06 to $0.009

Today: 5 Mil STEEM = $600k

Feb/March 2020 = 5 Mil STEEM = $30k or less

Power down or power up?

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This is sick question, tough one...

03.12.2019 21:14

Less than a year ago you said steem is going through the roof... It's probably cuz you were driven of the platform and now you hate it

03.12.2019 21:14

Down vote as much as you wanna haejin... I'll call Bernie and you're fucked.. Oh wait he already fucked you into oblivion

04.12.2019 02:33

actually, that was probably me :-)

09.12.2019 01:09

Heyyyy @blocktrades πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I never thought I'd get a reply from you dude.. This is epic shit... Well Thnx mate😁... Yeah I just know they had beef back then

But damn that guy loved voting for himself

09.12.2019 03:00

You have had a good ride on here with the alt accounts, come on, don't slate your own investment, you had fun playing the game. we all did, and self defeating to talk said investment down if you want to cash out, common sense says talk it up.
Not willing to go into what has or has not gone on, old news, not worthy of airtime.

What ever you decide, have fun doing what ever it is you choose to do.

03.12.2019 21:38

Seems it's going to get a lot worse before we see some light.

03.12.2019 21:50

Hello my friend @haejin if you are thinking in power down or power up..!! I have one more option for you my friend..!! Delegate to @project.hope and keep in touch with the founder of the project, here is his account @crypto.piotr and your money can move with our community. Never give up..!! Join with us and be more successful as you are..!!

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03.12.2019 22:29

Pointless powering down just ride the wave and hope the the best.

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03.12.2019 22:31

If the charts were wrong on the way up, what makes you think they will be right on the way down?

03.12.2019 23:35

Steem is dying..hope I'm wrong

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04.12.2019 00:26

You can move some of your stake and/or rewards into Splinterlands cards. They have a service that will let you to set up decks and allow others to play for a split of rewards. They also have a rental market and the card values are going up in a bear market!!! They do not punish you with flags if you invest a lot of money in there game (unlike steem).

I am VERY GLAD I moved some of my stake over earlier this year. I am up over 600% on that money atm :)

They are getting ready to release a mobile version of Splinterlands and the marketing campaign is getting ready to start. I think it is still early days in this game.

Anyone who wants to join please use my referral code:

We will be hosting exclusive tournaments for referrals and subscribers to our youtube channel.

**This is not investment advice, just my experience so far.

04.12.2019 02:56

Wow, thank you very much for like my comment.

I will create a post with an ideea of helping steem getting better, i think will change the game.

I am thinking to apply a social-economic move made by Catholic Church in the end of XIX century.

04.12.2019 14:45

for @haejin

05.12.2019 19:35

View or trade BEER.

Hey @haejin, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

05.12.2019 19:36

BitShares (BTS) LONG TERM FORECAST...$342!!
This didn't age well did it Haejin?

06.12.2019 03:44

Two Months ago:

There is a phenomenal bull cycle that has likely already started back in Dec. 2018. I will post only on STEEM analysis for the benefit of anyone who desires and curate the rest.

Good Calling Buddy.

06.12.2019 13:50

Steem is bery exciting project. Similar is bravocion.

18.12.2019 16:42

It's now serious
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21.12.2019 14:40

no way
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21.12.2019 14:41

that is a good questen, but noone does it know

26.12.2019 19:16

Well if everyone powers down and sells we probably will see prices like that.

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31.12.2019 02:30