Radware Inc. (RDWR)

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Bawhahaha.....goes around comes around. You'll never make another dime off this place. Guess you bit the hand that was feeding you. BTW- Who's running your website? It operates like shit, and all the good features are gone. I heard you were getting your ass handed to you around here....just wanted to see it for myself. Happy Trails you transparent fool.

....and await the overly angry response from the tiny portion of a man.

("no, dont respond, thats what he wants....")
("wait no, fuck him, do respond")
("Wait....goddamnit, I wish I knew how to do stuff......") :(
("This fucker won't respect me, and I'm his Korean ELDER GODDAMNIT!!!!")

18.09.2019 16:45

So true... he was milking Steem with crap posts for so long. I think he made like a fortune :)

20.09.2019 18:40

crap to you but not to everyone

25.09.2019 01:32

You know the biggest offender in terms of ripping off the system with self voting still functions that way right?
And I am sure you must know that because you seem so well informed. The curious thing to me is why you are not calling him out for his far more egregious offenses.

25.09.2019 01:32

How can I visualize those images?

13.10.2019 10:06

Please, don't do that
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21.12.2019 15:32