Haejin's Original Intent as a Technical Analyst: Help & Do No Harm Remains Unchanged

My posting & voting bots are turned off. It is time.

They were purely designed and well aimed to push the "buttons" of the trolls. These bots are no longer needed because the parameters of the new Steem now enables revitalization of everyone's original and good intent. Still, the downvote drama and caca throwing that took place was at the very least...evolutionatrily entertaining to some degree. LOL!

As a Technical Analyst, my original intent on joining Steem back in June of 2017 was to help and do no harm and it is quite satisfying to see how the new Steem better induces a return to that intent. I project that many will see this as well.

There is a phenomenal bull cycle that has likely already started back in Dec. 2018. I will post only on STEEM analysis for the benefit of anyone who desires and curate the rest.

In this good pivot, I know I shall likely get new "trolls" even those of former "friends"; but it matters none as they will likely get left behind in their cocktail of negativity.

Kind Regards,

Hejin Lee

P.S. I shall also freely and generously distribute plenty of downvotes!!e

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21.09.2019 03:41

Okay. Will give the benefit of the doubt.

21.09.2019 04:16

Well, hot damn.
Welcome aboard!
All Hail, #newsteem!

21.09.2019 04:21

21.09.2019 04:28

Welcome to the #newsteem! My apology in all my of past downvote. We are now together raising the flag of the rebirth new community!

21.09.2019 05:49

Good to hear this, because many steemians told me that they left steem because of the oldsteem and the stroll going on then. So I believe that newsteem is healthy for everyone.

21.09.2019 06:25

Not healthy yet @yaanivapeji
old Steem is still alive and well, just waiting to fuck people like you and i over : )

01.10.2019 08:38

Welcome back @haejin. I expect technical analysis pertaining to steem coming from you. And hope you use your stake in a good way to benefit the community.

21.09.2019 07:19

I think that for the first time in years I am starting to get a hopeful vibe about all of this. Fingers crossed!

21.09.2019 07:33

Looks like I came back to Steem at the right time.

11.10.2019 02:34

I love your use of words :)

21.09.2019 08:46


21.09.2019 13:43

Hmm...haejin speaks for the first time in years. Well, let's see how this goes. I feel it's a win-win situation for you and steem

21.09.2019 08:50


21.09.2019 09:09


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21.09.2019 09:25

Hello Mr. Lee.
I remember a few years back you predict sbd is gonna moon, pls predict that again.
Jk, looking forward to you steem analysis.

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21.09.2019 10:02

He "predicted" that because it was in his interest to pump SBD. He had lot of followers back then and enough influence to change the view of readers.
Unfortunately, most of his predictions turned into ... nothing.

21.09.2019 20:18

yea, I'm aware of it. At least now he's probably ready to change his approach.

22.09.2019 14:26

hahaha. yeah. sure :)

25.09.2019 00:03

I didn’t do my research well enough 😢

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26.09.2019 07:46

SBD went to 20 dollars, he was right.

27.09.2019 00:12

Welcome on the bright side, @haejin ! ;)


21.09.2019 11:06

This #newsteem is wild, feels like world peace, or maybe just the cold war before it.

21.09.2019 11:45

Some people are misusing downvote.

22.09.2019 14:44

As #NewSteem is about giving the benefit of the doubt - I'll keep an eye on what you'll bring to our ecosystem. We can really make something of this place if we all bring our best intentions :-) Cheers!

21.09.2019 11:52

You’re nothing more than an worthless piece of shit.

I can’t believe all of you sheep fall for his “technical analysis” when it’s been wrong over and over and over again.

Thanks f for the flags on a post I didn’t even vote myself. I’ll be around to make sure all of yours continue to be killed off as well.

Already back to your old ways.

21.09.2019 12:22

I can’t believe all of you sheep fall for his “technical analysis” when it’s been wrong over and over and over again

Still waiting on that $342 Bitshares that was supposed to happen last summer... 🤣

23.09.2019 00:31

Yea, he's downvoting all my posts as well. I guess some people just never grow up eh? What's . What he doesnt realise is we all have real life jobs. What's a few dollars? We're trying to turn a new leaf here, but I guess he doesn't care about his million Steem going to zero.

24.09.2019 23:45

You can see exactly how he plans on moving forward....


24.09.2019 23:58

What a child.
I guess he things he's having fun.

I thought this guy was some kind of "elder"? haha.

25.09.2019 00:05

With any luck, his power down means he’s planning on selling Steem at the bottom of the bear.

25.09.2019 03:53

Hey bernie
I just increased the Steem power in my @kiwisteem account a few days ago. only to 43.9 but it made such a huge difference in the user experience.
I urge you to think in terms of mass adoption and do a few things to make it happen.
The first is to add to the stinc delegation bringing them up to 33 or 34 steem and gradually reduce the amount while allowing its available SP to grow continuously. It makes a lot more sense than burning steem. We need to create a demand for new accounts and those account will need to be allowed to grow without financial investment. Naturally it wont take before those with available funds will want to buy Steem.
But we need to stop this flagging and destroying accounts otherwise the gesture of good will by increasing account long term viability, will be wasted.

Do you remember when youtube was new?
think about that. It was a place where people did what they wanted lol
hey presto .....mass adoption people will want to buy then my friend.

They will want to buy then.

But there is work to be done.
You never know I may even grow to trust you and bring some investors.
But a lot would need to change I mean a lot

25.09.2019 07:58

Boom Babe boom!😀

21.09.2019 21:21

Thank you for the support today!

22.09.2019 07:36

Didn’t you join March 2017 as @ranchorelaxo buying up all that steem at around $0.07?


22.09.2019 15:06

for you

22.09.2019 16:15

Why cant I see your posts? I get the message I cannot due to low ratings?

23.09.2019 00:21

So, since you cant get rewards from your shitty analysis, you will try to reap the curation rewards now?

Not much you can do i think...

Does anyone still believe in this guy?

23.09.2019 12:53

Left behind? That's you old man. You being a dishonest asshole doesn't mean anyone who speaks out against is you a troll. Get the fuck on your way. We don't need your STEEM analysis Mr.Gonna Sell and Bail ASAP. You call yourself a business man, but get butt hurt about being someone's elder when you get called out on being terrible at following instructions...real business like...fucking pulling that stupid shit. "In Korea...blah blah blah" - This ain't Korea, and that was business, not some Elder respect shit....that's why your "business" now is lower than it's ever been...because you're on some Ego trip from hell. Megalomaniac playing the good guy, when everyone sees through your thin skin, even with all fat trying to block the view.

Anyone who thinks this moron (seriously the dumbest smart person I've ever met) has changed his ways at all is a fool. What has he ever done that is successful around here? Killed project after project....oh yeah, on purpose...Now he's lucky he's got a website or he would have to deal with this reality in the same angry way he wants to but is resisting.

Hey Old Fart.....sign ups are at an all time low.....what happened? Seems like that started happening right around the time I told you to go fuck yourself.


23.09.2019 22:52

24.09.2019 23:55

Find me on discord.

25.09.2019 13:44

Oh my. Away from Steem for two years and I come back to see that there is all kind of drama up in this $^#&*. What the heck!!! I didnt have to watch the Young & the Restless today. Just needed to read Steem posts. My goodness. I was curious to see why @Haejin was ranked #1. Now I see why.

11.10.2019 02:33

Hello, I want to ask a favor because I have seen your downvote. I already leave a message on haejin account. Would you please remove the downvote. Thanks



25.09.2019 01:49

I am willing to talk to you. Would you mind to please the remove the downvote in all my post. I need this to be visible. Please listen @haejin

25.09.2019 02:21

I am willing to talk to you. Would you mind to please the remove the downvote in all my post. I need this to be visible. Please response @haejin

25.09.2019 12:04

P.S. I shall also freely and generously distribute plenty of downvotes!!

Good. At least you're actively participating and clicking buttons now rather than the auto-rape you had set up before.

25.09.2019 12:15

Yeah I just flagged over the timing!

26.09.2019 20:56

Glad to see that this HF has turned the proudest users into a little ass-kisser. Where is your dignity? Why are you spreading your butt? Don't you know how to do anything else to make money? You're even more miserable than I imagined.

28.09.2019 07:12

Keep us abreast of your charts dear friend. We miss your posts.

Thank you.

29.09.2019 06:22

Hello @haejin,

I think you should consider logging into your steemleo.com account and making your first post.


You can also convert your Steem into the Leo token at https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=LEO

Although you do have a lot of haters on Steemit a lot of them if not most of them and perhaps maybe even none of them have any Leo power. If they do I still think the large holders of Leo would be far more welcoming to someone like you then the people on Steemit.

You can find some more info on my blog.


If you are interested I would also be willing to discuss what I believe is a fair value for Leo and how you can help annihilate the sellers.
I think the Leo token has some potential unlike the Steem token which I see you still own a lot of.

Have a great day whether or not you choose to post and/or invest. :)

04.10.2019 17:21

This post has received a 44.02 % upvote from @boomerang.

04.10.2019 18:25

pumping opportunities

Scamming in the open.

04.10.2019 20:28

OK I do have to acknowledge that technically you do have a point although even so I don't think the abusive flag is warranted.

I think it will take some pumping or promotion or whatever you want to call it to get Leo to a fair market value.

It's at a puny .15 right now. I think that is very low. Even with some pumping or promotion I thin it will still be undervalued.

Why do you like flagging so much? Did you help get rid of Haejin?

I figured one of you lead gestapo agents would come for me although I do have to acknowledge you do have a technical claim against me but hopefully someday me and others can help get the Leo token to a more fair valuation.

If you read my blog I am not super-patient. I wouldn't mind seeing leo back to 2-1 tomorrow and would be not happy if it dropped back down to 1-1. lol

Please remove your abusive flag although I do feel that Leo deserves some promotion or pumping or whatever you want to call it on the way to it's fair market valuation.

04.10.2019 21:10

Thought the comment was over promoted.

04.10.2019 20:29

Well yeah. lol I figured it was a suicide comment.

Wasn't transisto's upvote enough to kill it though?

Are you guys talking about me on the chat? ;)

04.10.2019 21:21
When I saw it transisto hadn't downvoted it yet.


If you can see the chat, you know whether or not you are being discussed. I didn't talk to anyone on the downvotes I see there, but I did mention flagging it.

I'm being downvoted by haejin and sometimes rancho as well, so I figure I will pay for this as well. :)

04.10.2019 21:26

It would be nice if you removed your downvote.

What was up with the stupid flag war anyways?

Did you ever see how many twitter followers or page views Haejin's post had? He was underpaid if you went by his page views.

Of course I never said anything. I've never really enjoyed getting attacked. Even Haejin got me once I think. :(

I think Steemit would be a much nicer place without the flagwars. Maybe you guys should consider ending them and maybe even tell your gestapo friends to lay off me.

If Leo did moon I think it would help Steem or do you think we should just try and get a whole new blockchain for Leo for Steemians who don't enjoy getting flagged and have better things to do than engage in the endless flag wars?

04.10.2019 21:33

yeah I saw that haejin faked traffic.

Did you ever review any of his TA? It was utterly ridiculous. Predicting huge, nearly impossible pumps on coins with extremely high market caps.

Yeah, i'm tired of the flag wars too. Also I can not invest in what I can not protect. I don't buy houses I can't lock or diamonds and leave them on the porch in a bad neighborhood.

it's not personal for me, and I don't guess it is personal for him either.

Just two different views on how to get our investment back. :)

05.10.2019 00:27

I think I did see him spike the price a couple times of a few coins.

Would you be willing to try and help me end the flag wars or is the precious pool your main priority?

I do try and remember stuff. I'll probably always remember the support you gave me and this flag you won't rescind.

Let me now if you ever want to try and improve things but talk is cheap.

If you want to focus on your precious pool I hope the price stays low like your precious flag. :(

I think the flags do help the pool and help keep the price low.

05.10.2019 00:47

You should evaluate other chains that have removed downvotes if you haven't.

I think the free downvotes are new and it is a bit like a new toy. I this this will all calm down.

I have no interest in removing downvotes from the system.

I gave the dv for boosting a comment that he would have likely seen anyway if he is paying attention for $5, mine was the first downvote and I feel it was good.

I supported you by the way, when your account was small, because I thought you were doing and and trying interesting things. A vote up or down is just how we vote on behavior.

I stand by both actions. :)

05.10.2019 16:23

I do not actually support removing downvotes although I think you should remove yours from my account. I think maybe you only did the one.

I think there should be one free downvote a day and I think users like me should generally not need to use it. Right now I feel like I need about 100 free full downvotes a day to combat abusive people like acidyo.

Did you see his post? He let me know about his post and bsically set me up to get downvoted and downvoted and downvoted and downvoted some more?

Do you think that is ok?

I think too many mistakes are being made by bots like ocdb and mackbot

I do not feel your downvote was good.

I think people should evaluate more than just one single isolated post before they go all "mean" on someone. Like I might try and do some retaliation stuff on you but I know you are one of the better steemians on here although I think even you might downvote too much and not just because of the one you did to me.

I think the support was very nice but I think the downvote was wrong. I think we have too much downvoting and I think you should take a stand against "mean" people like acidyo although that one was transito. lol I really thought it was acidyo.


05.10.2019 17:58

I saw his post, and I want to remind you.. I upvoted and downvoted before the changes.

There are many getting on the bandwagon now and feeling really cool about themselves for doing what they should have been doing all along.

I wasn't being mean or harsh. I still enjoy your position. You comment wasn't worthy of your boost in my opinion and I just voted it... that's all. It's still there, if he checks his blog or his notifications he will still see it.

I think you should relax. Yeah, I also think you are acting really spammy on that post and I don't blame them for being annoyed. Say it once, if any one cares they will react.

05.10.2019 19:03

Maybe you can reconsider after my post tonight.

Just out of curiosity though how much money is that post worth for you?

Like if I paid you $100 would you take it away or if I could steal $100 from you would you take it away?

I have been getting some reactions and replies. lol

It feels like my blog might be the most watched one on Steemit right now.

I kind of even feel like the leader right now which might sound crazy but yeah.

If I do ever become the official leader I think the price of Steem needs to be like $1 or more though. ;)

05.10.2019 19:15

Well it is a critical conversation right now and I think you are talking about a relevant topic with an interesting point of view.

Yeah, I've sort of missed how you are the leader, but if it feels that way that is cool.

Regarding the value of what it is or isn't worth... My vote is worth about .23 USD. Your questions of $100s are not even relevant to my ability to downvote and is kind of like discussing what color I want my unicorn to be.

05.10.2019 19:32

You you please answer my hypothetical question. How much money is your upvote worth to you. I do not care what the offical Steemit value is.

I want to know the real value of your upvote?

Like if I could give you $21,000 would you keep your stupid little downvote?

If I could take $21,000 out of your bank account if you decided to keep it would you leave it standing?

If I paid an extortion fee of 2 Steem would you leave it?

I'm just curious about why your stupid little downvote is so precious to you?

Does it make you feel like you are an amazing person for downvoting me or something?

Is my post very powerful to you?

Does it Seem like a powerful god that must be fought against.

You're not the only one who is OCD who is leaving up their downvotes. You should check the replies @OCD has been getting. lol @acidyo will not relent for some crazy reason. lol

05.10.2019 19:55

I don't know how I would act if the situation was different.
I am just expressing my influence. Everyone thinks their idea is important.
No, I don't think I am amazing, I am just voting up what I think is good for steem, ignoring most and downvoting what I think is bad.

No, I don't find your post powerful, begging haejin to join a project I am in invested in doesn't please me, but it also doesn't frighten me. I don't think he is that big of a deal... He's just another dude who puts out bad TA and has stake.

Acidyo, is trying to do the right things and like the rest of us he is imperfect and can get caught up in his own ego.

Have a great day, interesting talk.. Congrats on your newly found leadership role. :)

05.10.2019 20:09

If you had to pick between removing the vote and us being friends or keeping the vote and me being your lifelong enemy and seeking to completely destroy your steemit account which would you choose?

05.10.2019 20:21

haha, if you choose to see it that way suit yourself.

That almost sounds like a threat. You accepted my upvotes accept my downvote.

I'm done talking about it.

05.10.2019 20:23


So I was just a joke to you? I was just one of your whale pets? I enjoyed the generosity but I didn't realize I was just a pet to you.

I thought you were a good person and I always upvoted you back even though your upvotes were worth more.

I generally do not believe in downvotes but you sound like a very bad person who should not be on the Steem blockchain.

You might just be "flagging posts" but there are actual human beings that made these posts.

I always thought you were a nice person but it sounds like you are a horrible person who should not be allowed to post on the Steem blockchain. :(

I have had some "fights" on here recently but they never felt so dark an ominous as this one. Even my worst flagger @acidiyo has shown some signs of backing down and easing off.

Unfortunately it does sound like you are a horrible person and I must act accordingly.

I support freedom and justice. I would rather give up my entire Steemit account or it's entire value than to support a person that values a 25 cent downvote more than a human being.

There's a lot of flagging on here but none of it has seemed as dark and sinister as this one. It seemed strange from the moment I got it. :(

It was definitely worth the Steem I spent and willingly lost to out you.

I think the other flags should be removed but I guess yours should stand and hopefully someday you can be removed from the Steem blockchain. :(

I think the other people who flagged me have been making mistakes but I guess yours was not actually a mistake. :(

05.10.2019 20:53


05.10.2019 21:02

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

05.10.2019 21:08

This post has been revived by steem-forever and will get extra rewards. This happens when a post is upvoted on steem-bounty.com after the 7 day post life.

Users can simple upvote via steem-bounty.com continously, so posts can live and earn rewards forever.
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We hope this will allow everyone to earn more meaningful rewards over longer timeframes than before.

08.10.2019 06:02

It is true and It is so ugly to watch downvotes from one lobby towards anyone else .

09.10.2019 16:54


11.10.2019 04:37

Yeah, these were fun times, I like how things turned out eventually. It seems that removing the money factor from Steem awakened the better part of people :)

16.10.2019 10:44

The old man-child cant handle a little critique on his sham twitter account. Man-child "expert" haha.

(do me a favour and waste your VP on this. I will post it again) :)
Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 20.37.58.png

25.10.2019 20:16

Hi, my name is Franklin Perez.

I am Venezuelan and would like to contact you to find out if we can reach an agreement regarding the steemit platform.

Please try to answer me and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I leave you where you can reach me: DISCORD FranklinP#2527

26.10.2019 23:02

It seems you opted to just be a troll and not even brave enough to respond to anyone. You can block us on Twitter, but we can still seek you out. You do not scare me or put me off using Steem. People can still see my stuff on Steempeak or Busy. You could do so much good with your votes, but you opted for evil. I pity you.

27.10.2019 16:17