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10.09.2019 05:14

Hi haejin, I don't think we've ever talked before

I've always been living in your shadow for the past year and a half; try as I might, was never quite able to attain the recognition of top self voter on the platform 😢.

I'm reaching out to you because I believe under the new economic incentives, there's no longer a need to protect our investment with this type of self voting. Before, not doing so just meant we'd be losing stake to the majority of active SP participating in vote selling, self voting or the like. But now that curation is 50%, and there are a decent amount of free downvotes, perhaps it would be best if we all voted honestly and for the first time gave content discovery and proof of brain a real chance?

Along with many other larger stakeholders, I myself have since been curating 100% honestly. My farm accounts have not been active for over 20 days. The bid bots here are feeling the heat, some are pivoting to curation, others are shutting down shop.

Your posts have been drawing considerable attention. Unlike previously, with free downvotes floating around, there's little reason for the downvotes to stop. So at this point you're actually making considerably less than if you were just to curate on good content here. Would you consider giving it a go?

I think I could speak for most (likely not all) of the other larger stakholders that if you would play it fairly from this point on, everything in the past is water under the bridge and it's a clean sleight for everyone. We all just move forward doing our best to ensure that Steem has the best chance to succeed and not undermine proof of brain.

Have a look around this place, new life is budding for the first time in 2 years. Trending is no longer bid botted trash. We finally have a chance at completely turning this place around.

As intelligent investors we don't fight a futile battle when the economic incentives were punishing honest actors the most. But now, this is no longer the case. Join me and many others to play our important part in restoring honest voting as the dominant behavior on here.


10.09.2019 11:51

Totally agree! 💯👆

10.09.2019 14:09

@haejin change and adapting is part of survival, curating or talking about your interests like keto and fasting can net you higher rewards

10.09.2019 18:33

Well said. Hope he understands.

11.09.2019 02:50

@trafalgar you damaged a post by $17 by a project that aims to do good for the community and support undervalued content.

Our project doesn't have your level of SP, but I'll be downvoting $17 worth from any posts or comments of yours over time in response. A $17 downvote is a strong offense, I am very offended.

I am especially offended because if you got to learn about the project that I have spent a lot of time on, you would know that it is a wholesome project aiming to improve Steem. People like you enrage the projects trying to do good here.

I know your ideals, but my project is small and needs the visibility. We're also a bootstrap project, and getting back the rewards greatly helps our initiative. You hurt a postive initiative, making it more difficult to be seen when that is already a serious issue with the condenser setup.

11.09.2019 04:21

Why don't you include a link to that "damaged post"? even $17 can be quickly reverted if enough people see the post and agree/disagree in the "right way". However, at the core of the problem is not if trafalgar removes the downvote, but rather, what will everyone else think about that post? A post that I myself can't even find, because you didn't provide any link/reference/etc..

20.09.2019 12:15

I am happy to share with you the post, you are very welcome to learn about the HoboDAO project.

My comment was not for others, however, it was specifically directed at trafalgar, a person with more influence over the network than thousands of Steem users combined. It is not easy to obtain $17 worth of upvotes from the community outside of bot services. Now, when I looked at your account, I noticed that you did use bidbots, but also your posts were progamming related posts. There is a lot more curation support for developers than any other type of project, so you might have a different experience from other types of authors and believe that it is easy to obtain $17 worth in upvotes. In reality, most of the whales upvote within their circles with the exception of supporting independent programmers.

20.09.2019 20:26

Dude I don't think he even uses the place anymore. 3 months since any comment. I bet it's all automated at this point, maybe?

If you're looking to use your VP and struggling with using it all, you could always front-run us, ol' reliable SteemSTEM. We got huge plans coming with a lot of support you won't wanna miss out on =)

17.09.2019 14:09

Hey trafalgar, I agree. I have turned off my posting and autovoter bots who’s pure purpose was to push the buttons of my trolls from old Steem. Such have served their purpose and are no longer needed.

The “old” Steem was full of nonsense and made trolling too easy.

Hell, even old Berniesanders has started to embrace the new Steem economics. Now that’s change!

More to come!

19.09.2019 00:53

@haejin welcome to the #newsteem happy to hear you turned it of all. Too many whales waited this chances just for you,but there would be changes because you changed also.

Happy Steeming #newsteem

19.09.2019 06:47

That sounds promising :-)

19.09.2019 13:48

Excellent to hear haejin!

Back then I completely understand your stance and did the exact same thing: If everyone else was just going to abuse the system, then why should I be a sucker and just forfeit my own voting rewards? Why hand over commission to a bid bot to help launder my vote rewards when I can just vote up my own posts? At least that way I wasn't interfering with trending.

But the economy has now armed us all with the tools to shift this thing back in the right direction: where honest curation is the norm. As you can see we're gradually moving out of the dark ages of Steem where bid bots, vote selling, circle jerking and self voting was the norm. Some of the largest bid bots such as OCDB and Smartsteem have completely shifted their business towards curation. Other bid bots have also ceased or are about to cease operating, and the rest are under heavy pressure from downvotes.

Same can be said with circle jerkers etc.

Obviously if we can get a functioning content discovery and rewards platform based on honest votes, then that's ideal for large investors like you and I. There was no hope of changing that in a broken economy back then, but there's every chance we can achieve this now.

Let's curate honestly and fight against others who continue to abuse the system rather than just wasting our downvotes retaliating at those who downvoted us when were self voting (although a lot of your downvoting I agree with, some of those posts are clearly just farm posts and deserve to be 0).

For the first time ever in Steem's history we have a real chance at enforcing honest voting platform wide! This is necessary if Steem is to ever hope achieve it's potential value that you no doubt see as well. Join me in upvoting the best content we can find on here and be rewarded handsomely in curation.

And help me fuck over those who continue to undermine this platform with dishonest voting. Vote sellers, bid bots, circle jerkers etc. Why let them continue to milk this place when others like ourselves have now chosen not to?

20.09.2019 04:24

Thanks @trafalgar for bringing all of this. I first encounter about economic improvement from your posts. I admit that I am skeptical on this, but this awesome things brings back good days of Steem. Your the coolest guy in this space! Thanks for your patience and staying while the system is broken. Your presence is such a great wealth for this community

20.09.2019 09:16

Hi trafalgar :)

I have brought this up with a few others today so I guess I may as well chance you >.>

One of the people you would like to fuck over is @me-tarzan

A top twenty monthly earner who doe's not engage with anyone and only upvotes his own posts. This is mostly automated spam crap. Upvoting the comment on his spam posts just before the 7 day window with an alt account which is also doing the same.

I brought this up with others which you see here :

Just find my conversation with @whatsup for more information.

Feels like im flogging a dead horse at this stage so I have done my duty and noooow I give up haha

21.09.2019 23:58

Great news.

I recall you making some pretty accurate calls regarding alts back in 2017. I took your advice and profited from it. It would be cool if you wrote about what you think how the crypto markets are going to move from time to time.

Right now, Bitcoin is trading in a tightening range and volume is getting small. Which way is your best guess as the where it's going to move? How do you think the upcoming Bakkt launch is going to affect it? Not much has been talked about that lately. Why is everyone this calm about it?

20.09.2019 15:45

Well... my negotiating diplomatic mentor, if you pull this off we will all celebrate and those flags can go elsewhere :)

19.09.2019 08:31